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    You yourself admitted UBB has routines and functions in their templates - how does the webmaster who knows little to moderate HTML have any clue what the stuff is that is certainly not HTML?
    Frankly, if a webmaster doesn't know any HTML, he/she shouldn't be a webmaster; much less running any bulletin board software. Differentiating between HTML and code is not hard; any <> indicates HTML

    I don't have a URL, however I'm going on what I've heard in the past on these forums - try the search
    Resource bug was never listed inside mod_gzip. Until I have solid evidence, it's hearsay.



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      Originally posted by qasic
      Resource bug was never listed inside mod_gzip. Until I have solid evidence, it's hearsay.
      There has been no reported resource issue with mod_gzip that I've heard of or read. There was, however an issue with zlib. Maybe tubedogg was getting confused.

      The only reason mod_gzip has only recently become popular, is because previous versions only allowed compression of static files; but now it can compress just about anything. - British expatriate community


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        Originally posted by tubedogg
        I did say the last version, not the current version
        Um... why would we talk about old versions?


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          Originally posted by wert
          Um... why would we talk about old versions?
          If you read what I actually said:

          phpBB: I don't have much experience with this board. I know from heresay the last version was a horrible query hog - something like 400 on the main forum page with 100 forums, whereas vB did the same page in 1/5 or less of that many queries. However as far as I know they are going through at least a partial rewrite for improved speed and efficiency.
          I was quite clear that a) I didn't have any first-hand experience with phpBB, b) they were rewriting it, and c) it was the previous version that was this way. Since I could care less about phpBB, I had no reason to know that this new version had been released, nor do I really care. I made the supporting reasons for my point quite clear and I think you misread it and jumped on the wrong tangent here.


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            Quite frankly, this is the wrong place to ask about the best bulletin board software. We have all chosen this software over the competition.

            You should ask at places where you will get a solid response from people who have used the different choices and may have chosen something over vBulletin.

            Here are some places you might try...


            Those are the four largest webmaster communities in existance today.

            For a web hosts opinion check out:

            I have never heard of a resource issue with MOD_GZIP. However the PHP 4.0.4 version of the ob_gzhandler that could be built into PHP had problems with memory leaks. I understand this has been fixed in 4.0.5.
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              Originally posted by fastforward
              There was, however an issue with zlib.
              I apologize, this was what I was thinking of.


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