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    A built in junk food vending machine. Ya poke a button in the forums and it spits out a milky way.


    Ok, how about a "resource usage faker"? Ya know the one that fakes the server into sending back a report saying that resource usage is nill?
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      I want VB to fly....


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        Originally posted by klisis
        I want VB to fly....
        Thats impossible.


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          No it's not impossible, install vB on IBMs 'Deep Blue' super computer and it will fly at the speed of light.


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            oh I though he was talking about the board flying like an plane. LOL (Stupid me)


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              Maybe he is


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                just came back from the future

                ok just saw few features in year 2005, including:

                (1) integrating vB with the whole site

                (2) Membership system/credit cards

                (3) Cutomize your own [email protected]

                (4) More than 100 style/theme to choose from a drop down menu, fully integrated with the official release

                (5) automatic backups

                (6) vB releases will be divided into categories: Enterprise-Professional-Standard.

                (7) Statistics including: number by countires/cities/genders/OS/activities by time/graphs with all sort of curves)/most-least user online/login-logout times/and more...

                (8) some features are highly improved, like: who's online/statistics/moderation/....

                (9) Logs for: DB activity/moderators/users/...

                (10) php by year 2004 will go to a new level

                and i think i'm missing some i cant think of right now, i used lots of my tired now...need some rest

                P.S i don't see futures for individuals, so don't ask, only vB


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                  I'd like to see:

                  • The possibility of linking or integrating with other vB's around the world to offer sites with similar content to be brought together.
                  • vB clustering where different parts of it can be distributed across many servers and platforms for resiliency.
                  • Hopefully by then the majority of people will have access to some sort off fast broadband, so "video posts" could be made.
                  • A complete "community in a box" - services such as true Instant Msg'ing, e-mail and better sharing of information all available under one roof.
                  • A GUI control panel to allow the visual aspects of vB to be modified and customised without the need for knowing php.
                  • Intelligent checking of new posts which are duplicates of older posts - such as "How do I..."
                  • An intuative interface which learns patterns of navigation through vB - allowing pre-emptive queries to be run and links to be changed dynamically.
                  • As an optional extra, MP3 support which allows users to select x tracks which are available locally on their machines to be shared with all other vB users - a catalogue of tracks playable on demend shown, etc

                  Think that will do for the moment, sorta thinking out-loud
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                    Yup vb5....
                    <sig removed because it violated the forum rules. Two requests were sent but ignored>


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                      erm, I want it to give me sexual pleasures
                      Need a job done? Get in contact with me and we'll see what we can work out.


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                        Originally posted by Valkyre
                        erm, I want it to give me sexual pleasures
                        I thought this was a standard feature of vB2?


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                          what about porting?

                          obviously, vbulletin is one of the best message boards out there today, yet, why has it not been ported to another language?

                          i know that php is one of the fastest languages out there....but, perl is also really fast, and a better language, in my opinion.

                          or, what about updating vbulletin lite? it works fine, but if it had the ability to have users, it would be a lot better.

                          abstraction for the database functions... (pgsql is more powerful than mysql, IMHO)

                          just some of my thoughts..



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                            I think mainly it hasn't been ported to other langs for two reasons, they want to be differnt and use the better lang, and I don't think the developers know other langs..

                            vB Lite is just to test out your server to see if it will handle running vBulletin, it is by no means ment to be used as a full forum...

                            As I remember, they are currently working on porting vB to other db types...


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                              Originally posted by Martz
                              I'd like to see:

                              • Intelligent checking of new posts which are duplicates of older posts - such as "How do I..."

                              can I add to that one?
                              • Intelligence checking of new users to determine those who will ask questions such as "How do I..." before looking at the FAQ or searching

                              I know, I know...

                              all our boards would be ghost towns...


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                                i bet there would be plenty of people out there willing to port the code over to languages like perl, asp, cfm and so on.

                                i know that perl has the DBI, which, in my opinion, is the best database API out there for any language.

                                thats cool that they are abstracting the database code.

                                i would also be willing to help port the code out to perl (perl being my language of choice when dealing with any web anything ).

                                anyway, just wanted to get my voice heard



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