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    Don't know if anyone has ever done this in here. Or if you are even interested. If we are not booted off I wouldn't mind starting a thread on it. At least try it. Used to do this over at the UBBDev of an evening. It was quite humerous at times.

    1) Answer with short answer and start with A:
    2) Ask a short question and start with a Q:
    3) This first post will be the only post with a Question-Answer-Question for obvious reasons.
    4) If a double post is made by two people posting at the same time, just do your best to correct your Answer to match that of the above question or say Double Post and move on. Try not to change your question or this can get really messed up...

    Start question:
    Why do you like vBulletin?

    A: Because it's the best!

    Q: Who was the first to discover the earth was actually round?
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  • #2
    A: Me

    Q: Why do you want to know?


    • #3
      A: Because he wanted to be sure you got the right answer.

      Q: What does "Kussemek" mean?!?!?!


      • #4
        A: Kussemek is an abbreviation for Kussemekalitationation

        Q: What does Kussemekalitationation mean?


        • #5
          A: /me thinks that it's a planet on the new Star Trek: Enterprise series.

          Q: Why does my friend have "Kussemek" as an SN?


          • #6
            A: I've no idea

            Q:What is a "SN"?


            • #7
              A: Sexy Neighbor

              Q: Are you simple or complex?
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              • #8
                A: Complex.

                Q: Why is ICQ so screwy?


                • #9
                  A: ICQ is great... most of the time

                  Q: Do I detect a mad rush to increase already huge post counts here, Kevin?


                  • #10
                    A: Somebody's gotta pass eva.

                    Q: Why do I prefer AIM then?


                    • #11
                      A: Because you're insane?

                      Q: Do you seriously think you're going to pass eva?


                      • #12
                        A: I know I will

                        Q: Am I going to get a double post with Kevin?


                        • #13
                          A: Yes.

                          Q: Am I really insane?


                          • #14
                            A: Yes, quite

                            Q: What am I doing still awake at 4.25 am?


                            • #15
                              A: Cause you're being an insomniac.

                              Q: how would I know if TubeDogg was insane?
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