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    On my forums I have a forum set up as a category for the staff forums below it. This category is called the administration forum. The forums below it are split in staff lounge forum, an admins only forum, a report forum (for infractions and post reports and member discussions) and an archive forum.

    The staff lounge has a few sticky threads with important moderators information. Like away thread, contact details, deleting posts policy and how to handle issues. And the threads are discussions, update information to the site or events (that are not public news yet) and whatever else fits in the staff lounge. The admin forum has advertiser details and staff member discussions, moderator application threads, and whateevr else is involved with running the site. The reports forum holds the infractions, members discussions, reported posts and whatever else fits in there. The archive has a private staff archive (removed staff/admins threads), a public 2006 archive for deleted posts from current year, an archive with all previous years for reference.

    How does yours look like?

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    That is a very efficient Administration forums. Currently for one of my message boards the Administration forums has a Congress Hall (things that we want input from all staff for), and Admin's Only forum where Administrators talk over admin things. Other than that The Mod & Admin's forum is where all staff come to discuss site related site.

    I might actually revamp the Administration forums to reflect something similar to yours since it seems so much more functional.

    Good thread.


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      Private Forums Area

      - Admin Forum
      --- Admin Dump

      - Moderators Forum
      --- Junk Threads
      --- Member Issues
      --- Reported Posts

      Admins see both sets of forums, mods only see the mod section.
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        I have an Administrator Only forum, a Moderator / Super Moderator / Administrator Only forum, and a garbage can.


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          These are at the top of the forums:

          -The Hidden Area*
          --- The Staff Lounge
          ----- Admin Cave
          ----- User Warnings & Infractions
          ----- Reported Posts
          ----- Document Storage

          Most of my forums offer the same functionality as yours.

          * Called such because it hides some other private forums that are joinable by public groups, like article writers.


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            • Staff Area
              • Admin Forum (General Admin Only Discussion)
                • Open Admin Jobs (anything that needs to be done)
                • Closed Admin Jobs (stuff that was in the open admin jobs thats now done) - No posting
              • Team Discussion (Admin and Mod Forum)
              • Problem Cases (reported posts & infractions posts)
              • Deleted Items
                • old deleted forums (I don't delete them totally, that way I can recycle the forums when I want to create a new one)
              • Team discussion archives (old stuff pre 2006) - no posting

            It isn't the most efficient one, but the admin jobs forums have been very useful, especially around upgrade and server move times.

            My whole area is not visible on forumhome and is only accessible via a link on the navbar in a can_moderate() condition.


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              Floris's lay out of his admin area is excellent.

              Any here's what's on my boards.

              One mboard...
              • Top Brass
                • Reported Threads
                • Thrown Threads

              And my other board (Soon to be closed)
              • Admins and CLs Only
                • Reported Threads
                • Thrown Threads
                • Achives

              On a couple of other mboards I'm a mod on, they have a more extensive admin/moderator area. One has over 14 sub-forums just in the admin area.


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                Just a simple hidden mods forum.


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                  -Hidden forums
                  --Moderator's Lounge
                  --Moderator Actions

                  Where the mod lounge is for general staff discussions related to anything and the actions forum is where reports/moderation/infractions etc are placed. I used to have more but it just got overly complicated. We only have Super Moderators at the moment and are happy for them to contribute to anything the administration discuss and hence don't have an admin only forum.


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                    - The Staff Area
                    Staff <- All staff have access to this area. It has a thread with a list of moderator rules and how-to's.

                    Admin Area <- My own little area where I keep a list of things to-do, ideas for the site, etc.

                    Junk Threads <- I think the title give your a clue what thats all about .
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                      • Administration
                        • Mods & Admin Discussion
                        • Moved threads
                        • Windows Beta
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                        Great feedback, thanks everybody keep it coming.


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                          I just revised the Administration forums for one of the bigger boards:
                          • Mods 'n Admins (1)
                            • Administrators Only (2)
                            • Congress Hall (3)
                            • Report Forum (4)
                            • The Dump (5)
                          (1) Mods 'n' Admins is the forum that is listed on the homepage and where Moderators, Supermoderators & Administrators can have their discussions. Anything private with some stickies.

                          (2) Administrators Only is the forum just for the administrators. We discuss initial early stage ideas for the forum and site to come.

                          (3) Congress Hall is where we along with other staff members can post threads on changes they'd like to see in regards to addition of new moderators, forums and etc -- all threads are POLLs with every vote accounted for via post.

                          (4) Report Forum is the new addition and will be used for user infractions and discussion of members and post reports.

                          (5) The Dump for all archived threads.


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                            Private Forums (current and former staff have access)
                            -- Costa del Sol (lounge)
                            -- Misc forum we use to post random crap for later
                            -- The Wenches room (where the sex0rz is)

                            Headquarters (staff only)
                            -- 70th Floor (where the business happens)

                            Then we have catagories for archives and dead forums
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                              All mods are super mods at my board, and I'm the only admin -- everyone has access to all the same forums. Here are what mine look line:

                              --Being Developed
                              --Completed Articles for the "Big Batch"*
                              -Member Issues
                              -Moderator Talk

                              *The "Big Batch" is something we do once or twice a year where we'll all write two or so articles each to release at once on the website.
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