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Looking for a Giga switch

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  • Looking for a Giga switch

    My network is slowly growing and there are plans for 2007 .. and this year I wish to invest in a switch. I prefer to not pay more then $75 with a max of $140 if it is really good.

    Edimax has a 5 and 8 port 1gbit all ports 1000mb switch for 80, but not sure if it is the right one.

    The consumer switches are around 100 bucks and cheaper but no idea if they actually are any good.

    Anybody here any experience, or anybody here who can recommend a few?

    Any switches to stay away from? like edimax, 3com .. whatever.

    Hope to hear from you guys

    Oh, this is the network setup.

    |- voip phone
    |- digital tv topsetbox
    `- 20/2mbit cable modem

    `- linksys router 100mbit

    |- wifi to powerbook
    `- (switch) <--- this is what i am looking for

    switch 1gbit
    |- powerbook on gbit port
    |- workstation on pci 1gbit port
    |- storage server on pci 1gbit port
    `- media station on 1gbit port

    This way internal network is at 1gbit and get full speed to internet from any of the connections, controlled by router. And still wifi regardless for anybody in the house, or just linking up on router or switch.

    if i connect the switch will it have its own internal IP address?

    UPC modem will have
    10.x internal upc network ip
    192.x.100 internal home network ip
    80.x public internet ip

    router will have
    192.x.101 internal home network ip

    and all systems will have will have
    192.x.102, 103, 104 .. internal home network ips

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    I'm in a +1 situation, but all I need is a basic gigabit switch, ideally supporting jumbo frames, 8 port minimum. Part of my network is still 10BaseT and it sucks to transfer large amounts of data between my server in the basement and desktop upstairs though a bunch of switches and hubs.

    Cheapest I can find is a Netgear copper gigabit switch at Newegg for $60.

    Dell does sell web-managed switches for about $80 for what you want, though.
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      a managed switch for $80 .. 1gbit? That's interesting. Even if it is from dell.

      [edit] Turns out to only be an adapter for certain dell systems. I need a standalone.

      I am more looking for something like this, .. but not 300 bucks
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        There might be coupons somewhere.
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          Thanks for that link, I will go check it out.


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