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Plagiarizer = eprod designed

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  • Plagiarizer = eprod designed

    Just thought I would post this so everyone knows that there's one more dumb*** to add to the list of plagiarizers.

    While checking our server logs I noticed the following site linking to our vB graphics, digging deeper it appears they saved fourmhome, forumdisplay, showthread and whatever else. They didn't even take the time to edit out the .CSS link and copyright meta tag. dOh!

    What really **** me off is the blatant disrespect. I really don't care about the layout, hell all they had to do was ask and I most likely would have said sure you can copy/save our layout just don't link to our graphics. But to go about it the way these people/kids do, and then put their name on it as if they did everything. Really winds my spring.
    Copyright - eprod designed (yeah-right!)

    One good thing out this... it got me wound up enough to finally put in some .htaccess files to curb lame crap like this.

    PS: The page loads extremely slow, and they are now being served from us... bandwidth_theft.gif/jpg and a custom css_theft.css file.
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    haha - dorks


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      hah, good job I remember when somebody had a featured eBay auction and he was hotlinking the main graphic from my server. He didnt put in and height / width tags, so i replaced teh image with a huge 800x600 "Dont take my image again, dork!" gif... (actualy, there was alot more to it, with choice words..) I almost feel bad, the guy didnt sell any thing with that auction, and it probly had a $110 listing fee... oh well


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        Maybe this is blaphemy, but I kinda liked the previous vb graphics a bit better than the newer ones...


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