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  • FTP Synchronization

    After trying lots of forums i decided to try vbulletin for a solution.

    I need a FTP Synchronization program which can help me on updating my project files on the web. Right now my project can be divided in to 2 section.

    Development part is on my local computer. There is 1 folder which contains my files to be uploaded on the ftp server.

    Online part is on my account. There are more than 1 which contains exactly same files at my local development folder with simple config differences.

    If i have to draw it;

    |Local Computer
    |-- Dev Folder
    |-- | --- Folder
    |-- | --- File1
    |-- | --- File2


    |My Account / public_html
    |-- Setup 1
    |-- | --- Folder
    |-- | --- File1
    |-- | --- File2
    |-- Setup 2
    |-- | --- Folder
    |-- | --- File1 (slightly changed config file)
    |-- | --- File2
    |-- Setup N ...

    What i want to is FTP Synchronization. Which should be capable of updating those directories from single source with adding, deleting, updating files and folders ... I have to define exclusions like folders and files. Also update process should be based on something like a database because most of the synchronization programs update according to timestamp which may cause additional update process because of pretty old files ...

    I tried evaluation versions of FTP Synchronizer and Super Flexible File Synchronizer but they aren't capable of full synchronization.

    Any recommendation on this topic ?

    May be subversion ? Commiting to repository which will be located in my account from my development directory and then exporting from repository to setup folders ...

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    FlashFXP can do this, but please keep in mind the files from vb have to be the same version. If the program thinks it has not changed and doesn't sync it for you and your forum stops working .. that's why then.

    The filesize, create and last modify date are all important elements to keep your eye on.

    I prefer to download the latest version and edit it and re-upload it. Of course, I make a backup of the file(s) first.


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      Take a look at rsync


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        Dreamweaver can do it...very, very, very slowly. Unfortunately it doesn't have a built-in diff utility, although you can associate one with it.
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          I recommend Subversion. This should do exactly what you want (as I understand it). I use this myself to maintain dev & live versions of all my sites. It's great -- make all my changes in dev (locally or on some junk domain) - check them in, then go to live and "svn update" to pull down pristine working code. Works beautifully.

          However what I'm struggling with at the moment though ... with vBulletin much of the work you might do in dev gets stored in the database (either configuration or template mods), so synchronizing the file system only is actually bad because you might break live by putting up files that rely on some database change as well.

          If you don't want to go the full source control route, WS_FTP Pro has a synchronize functionality as well. It's a little tricky IMO to get going but flexible and should also handle what you're asking.

          As someone else suggested, rsync should also perform nicely if you can do *nix or Cygwin.


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