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Definitions of Administrator and Webmaster

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  • Definitions of Administrator and Webmaster

    I like to request some of your opinions on what are the definition/duties of an moderator, admin and a webmaster. Yes, I realize I can make them anything I want, but I like to hear what other people here think the distinctions should be.

    This is not an idle question. I need some guidelines I can announce to my members when I start recruiting new ones.

    Steve Coles

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    webmaster is usually responsible for getting the site to run, take care of the software, site layout and design, things like that.

    Administrator is usually the one overseeing the webmaster, moderators and other staff on a site.

    moderators are usually there to manage the threads and users, overseeing the content on a site.

    this is also the chain of command in my book:

    Administrator > webmaster & super moderators & moderators > premium members & regular members & new members > guests & spider bots > banned & blocked users

    And above them all is the site or network owner. the person who pays the bills so to speak. Because a site owner can be someone who runs a network and has assigned a webmaster and administrator to manage the site(s).

    A webmaster for example is in my eyes below the admin because he is not the one involved with marketing or managing things - but he is told to implement ads or to update a software package .. things like that.


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      I kind of agree with Floris here.

      A webmaster is one who is put in charge of updating/running the website, and all technical aspects including software, hardware, server upgrades, downtime, and making sure everything clicks along from behind the scences, atleast as far as the technical stuff goes.

      An administrator is someone who runs and manages the site itself, including content, staff, PR, marketing, and all that good stuff. They ensure that the content is correct and up to date, as well as working with the webmaster getting technical issues resolved and ensuring they have the tools to run the website correctly.

      There's also forum administrators. I've seen this done in the past, where a company website or perhaps a website for a particular book/movie/video game will appoint a forum administrator or community administrator just to ensure everything goes smoothly on the forums themselves, to participate and answer questions on forums or consult the correct people if they don't know the answers, to make announcements regarding the subject, and to just make sure the forum reflects well on the main site and the parties involved.


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        In your example with the second paragraph: administrator is what i call a site owner.

        You can have multiple admins for multiple sectinos of the site.


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          Ok, I see your points, Thanks.

          Let me see if I can be more specific. what do you call the person(s) who have full access to AdminCP and is expected to be able to almost everything in the panel, set up permissions, usergroups, make minor mods to templates, etc, etc. And on my site that includes integrated add-ons like vBadvanced Gallery, Link Library, Download Library, FlashChat and several other things.

          vBulletin calls that the Administrator Control Panel, so I called them Administrators. But by your definition, I think that would be a Webmaster.
          Steve Coles


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            Yes, and some also prefer them as their technicians.


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