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    Well, my site is UBB related so I can not switch Plus, one of the main things that are preventing me from switching to vB is the translation. vB is very very hard to translate. But if other users translated it then I'm gonna start a new site and use vb .
    BTW, Why is UBB6 slower? I mean it have a simple caching system which does some optimization? Anyone knows the reason?


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      I guess there you have it... A lesson of how not to treat your customers. 80% ex-ubb'ers. I'm a bit surprised myself.

      As for ubb6 being slower, I can only make an educated guess. cgi is still cgi. ubb6 has the extra burden of spawning a cgi call every single time, no matter what, unlike ubb5's static html pages. And then it has to iterate through tens/hundreds/thousands of text files with every page view request.

      A person just can't pick up a 10 ton rock, no matter how hard he/she tries. But if you had a bulldozer (or whatever you call them things) in the form of php and mysql, then you can lift that same rock with one hand, half asleep, listening to radio, chewing bubble gum, and typing a message in the vB forum... all at the same time.
      Well, there it is.
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        LOL Skeptical
        - CGI is CGI that's correct, but the caching system saves a copy of the page and opens it instead of opening 7-8 files. That should boost the performance a bit. However, I heared that the local statements which are commonly used in UBB6 are very bad ( Matt told me that in the vb2 release date chat room ). Ted seems to be very lazy to pass refernces to other subroutines.

        I'd like to know if there is any future direction to provide a good translating system like UBB's WordLets or something like that.



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          Yeah I switched last week


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            Originally posted by Dave#
            Yeah I switched last week
            Nice looking site Dave.


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              I used my UBB license for about 2 and a half months...and then discovered VB.

              I didn't mind dumping UBB for my VB license....I was spending my week pruning the UBB so that the file wouldn't run me off the server.

              I've shared this somewhere before...but when we converted the 2 1/2 month UBB to VB...the file was 121 MB in size. This was with pruning posts every week...We only had the space to keep two weeks worth of posts, I think. After we converted it...we were less than 20 MB. (If memory serves me right although these days with brain overload, I'm forgetful....Susan, is this right?) Amazing stuff: VBulletin. I love it.
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                The problem of UBB's developers is that they're still living in the past. I mean in 1996, the number of users who were using the internet was much lower than the current number. So the load of most websites was not as big as the load these days. Flat files were the best to handle these situations. But know, the situation is much different, Flat files are not capable of handling even some medium sites, can you image if they handled However, Infopop is trying to say: "If you want a fast UBB, use OT" but many people can not afford this. vBulletin is a good,cheap and fast solution with dozons of features because of the creative nature of it's developers. BTW, when the flat files version of vB is going to be released?


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                  Originally posted by JB007
                  BTW, when the flat files version of vB is going to be released?
                  Obviously you missed the announce ment about the vB 3.0 feature set in which Jelsoft indicated plans to switch to a flat-file BB. I think this was posted around April 1st of this year.
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                    The original plan:

                    ubb --> ot

                    The result:

                    ubb --> vb -- {forget it} --> ot

                    Somebody's DEFINITELY not happy.
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                    Well, there it is.
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                      Originally posted by Hooper

                      Nice looking site Dave.


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                        I currently own a UBB licence, and my member access is valid until September or October, I believe. I have no intention of using UBB ever again.

                        I bought the UBB licence because, at the time, I had never heard of VBulletin. I didn't know VB existed. Two weeks after I bought the UBB license, I stumbled upon a VBulletin board, and decided to check out this site. I purchased my VB license the same day, and have never looked back.

                        My only regret? Not finding out about VB sooner than I did. I not only paid for the UBB license, I also paid for IP to install the board. <hangs head in shame> I wasted my money.

                        After I switched to VB, my members gave me heck for about half a day (most people don't like change, and they had to learn to re-navigate to a *small* degree), but after that, they were impressed with the 'extra' features (I tend to not hack my board).

                        I guess I was lucky in the sense that I got the UBB licence for less than $200 (whatever the going rate was back then). Now, between the price increase, and the heavy-handed censorship going on at the SK forums, I wouldn't even consider touching them.

                        I'm now a die-hard VBulletin fan, and in my opinion, this software is the 'best of the best', as are the staff and forum members.


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                          Soon to become one...

                          Currently I use UBB and have dreaded an upgrade because of all the hacks I have -- but vB seems to have MOST of those features already there!

                          I've been shopping for two days for the best solution, one that is database driven and looks nice, and it appears I've found it


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