Legally banning a user

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  • cheezit

    Legally banning a user

    Question for members here: I was a member of a forum, and there was another member who would continually harass me and break the TOS, but nothing was done. I would fight with the guy, because he would constantly push my buttons and harass me on a daily basis. Then I was told to refrain from interacting with him, and instead report his posts. I reported his posts for a month, and nothing was done. Then I told him off, telling him what a dick he was.

    I was then banned. Somehow, someway, they screwed up my ban and I was allowed to 'view' the admin forums.... all the admins and mods admitted that this guy was being a jerk to me, but they let him do this for some reason because they thought it was 'funny'. Said jerk user then found a photo of my wedding, and used it as his avatar once I was banned for quite a while.

    The adminstrator originally said I would be unbanned, but this never happened. So I reregistered after a few months, and he threatened me with legal action. I think this is a bunch of crap, and honestly I'd just leave if I didn't have friends there. So question is... can the administrator actually pursue me with legal charges against me? Especially seeing as how he was aware that someone was breaking hte rules in pissing me off in teh first place. I have other dirt on the admins/mods, even some of them talking about getting my address so they could hurt me physically, or my wife. That's just ****ed up.

    But anyway... can I reregister or do should I fear legal repercussions?


    - Cheezit
  • Dean C
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    • Mar 2002
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    If it's his website he can do what he wants with it and have whoever he likes on it, but I'd honestly love someone to try and sue a member for coming back after a ban Go back I say</non-legal advice>
    Dean Clatworthy - Web Developer/Designer


    • Joe Gronlund
      Senior Member
      • Nov 2001
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      • 3.8.x

      He can't do anything legally, but ban you again if you re-register, unless you are causing problems on the board.
      But i dont know if i would bother doing so, if he is just going to ban you again.
      Microsoft Beta Team


      • cheezit

        I plan on going back incognito. I'll only let my friends know it's me.


        • Lenni
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          • Aug 2004
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          You can also communicate with your friends using different services like IM. I would not bother re-registering.


          • Steve Machol
            Former Customer Support Manager
            • Jul 2000
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            Originally posted by cheezit
            I plan on going back incognito. I'll only let my friends know it's me.
            This is not the appropriate place to get help bypassing the decisions made by a webmaster regarding his own site.
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