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  • phpMyAdmin Backup?

    I'm not sure if this is where to ask this. I appologize because I could not find a better place to put this, so if you have to move this I'll understand.
    Anyway, I have an issue with trying to conduct a backup of my forum. The Host I just signed up with swore to me over the phone, while I was signing up, that they support vBulletin. I have discovered that I've been had. They don't! Unfortunately, I'm stuck with phpMyAdmin, so I've not been a happy camper. Is there anybody else out there, stuck with doing backups this way as well, that can give me a clue how to do a manual backup in this program? The company has no clue how to help me! jesh! I've been going in circles for days over this.
    This is the only pittiful info I got from them:

    Like I'm incompetent to already find that info! So they think...I need more than that....

    Oh, and they do not do the SQLDumper either... I don't think....or they have no clue if I can.
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    Have you tried to make a backup from the admincp ?


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      No, because the company I'm with will not allow outside backup for "safety reasons." I know this for sure. The company I'm with has "vDeck." I do have the ability to do backups there but it is only the general info posted. All new info outside the "originals" is separate into the secondary database of phpMyAdmin. I see all the vBulletin info. there I just have no clue how to save any backups.

      wow I just went back and they have locked my questions at the other company, I guess cuz I told them I would ask for help here too. Guess they wanna be rid of me now. Yikes!
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        Could you give me a PrivMsg with your forum admincp url and user/pass so I can give the backup option a try?


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          sure! one moment!


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            I had no problem going into your admincp and use the build in backup feature. I've send you PM with the location where you can download the .zip


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              Thank you for your help. The host company had made me scared to do a backup from the AdminCP. They told me that all back-ups have to be done through thier vDeck & phpMyAdmin for my safety. I should have come here from the start for support. They'll be my last stop from now on, especailly when today they admitted for the first time that they know nothing about vBulletin! (Don't worry, I'll educate them ). It took only a few minutes here to answer what I've been trying to get from them over the past 4 days! It is a relief to know it is much easier than they made it appear.

              Thanks again!


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                no problem, glad we could help.

                Good luck finding a new host.


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                  Does the built in backup database option, really work successfully?
                  Is it just as good as using SSH to backup your database?
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                    If it completes properly it will have as last line: ## database dump completed ## - this is a good option if phpmyadmin or ssh access is restricted and your forum is small. I have made successful backups this way up to 200mb.sql dumps.


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                      Originally posted by Floris View Post
                      no problem, glad we could help.

                      Good luck finding a new host.
                      Yeah, like a retard, I just signed up for 2 years with that host. Once it is over I'll be asking people here for ideas for a better host. Live and learn.

                      Joe, Trust me stick with ssh it's easier.


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