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How to handle problem users?

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  • How to handle problem users?

    Well, looks like the fun is starting to begin on my forums now that I'm approaching 14,000 users. I have 3 to 5 troublemakers that I can't get rid of. Banning gets rid of them for a day or so then they are back again under a new name and ip. Is there anything that can be done to realistically go after these people in some sort of legal manner? They have been asked to leave the site so if they come back is this not considered hacking? I'm getting a bit frustrated that when I ban someone I can't really ban them. sigh..

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    What do you do with people in real life who present you with a problem? You ignore them. People only cause problems to get attention, don't give it them and the problem will go away most of the time
    Dean Clatworthy - Web Developer/Designer


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      Use Tachy on them for starters, then ignore them.
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        Go with the miserable users hack from It screws with them and can put them off.

        If they are more persistent then ignoring them can work, but sadly some people have nothing else to do but cause trouble and they may go away or they may not.

        There are a couple of IP strippers on too which are effective at stopping people from hiding behind proxies, if these work try banning their IP rather than just their username.

        But ultimatly if a person is determined enough and net savvy enough you can't stop them without going to extreme lengths.


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          Be persistent, remove their posts, don't give them public attention and don't stop banning them. They run out of the motivation soon enough.


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