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Power Supply or Motherboard?

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  • Power Supply or Motherboard?

    Hey guys. I'm having a little problem with my computer.
    My computer is running on XP Pro on a P4 1.6 ghz processor on an ECS motherboard, 512 mb PC133 RAM, 120 GB HD, CDRW, 128 MB Radeon 9200, and a generic 300v PSU.

    My computer restarts randomly.

    When i first encountered this problem, i opened up my box, powered it on, and saw that my CPU fan wasnt spinning. I assumed that it was just a heating issue and my fan had died. I replaced that the same day, and the problem continued.

    I then thought that there may have been some corrupt file, or a driver that was clashing with XP, so i uninstalled it and attempted to reinstall it. It went through formatting just fine, and rebooted as usual to continue the install process. The computer then froze while installing XP and I haven't been able to install an OS, or have it on long enough to install anything without it freezing.

    I ran memtest86 to see if it was a memory problem, and it came back fine. As i said before, I know its not a heating problem either. I tested the HD on another computer, and that worked fine. From reading off some other sites, I believe that it could be the motherboard or the PSU, however I may be wrong, and if I am right I'm not sure how to test them to determine which.

    Sorry if the information is a bit jumbled, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    It could be either, but in most cases like this it's the power supply. If you have another onhand, you can try testing another.


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      Thanks Kiwi, I've got a few older power supplies but i dont think either of them have sufficient wattage.

      Thanks for the input though


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        Could you possibly test this power supply in another computer?


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          Haha. Yeah i could do that. I feel so stupid for not thinking of that before.

          Thanks once again!


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            See if any of the capacitors on your motherboard look bad...... corroded, bulging, or leaking.


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              What kind of CPU fan are you running? Is it plugged into the mobo or straight to the PS?

              I had a similar problem a couple of years ago. Turns out the CPU fan was pulling more power than the mobo(MSI) could handle. It would POST then reboot. I bought an adapter and plugged the fan directly to the PS.....problem solved.


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