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    All I know is this price is killing them.

    I'm [major edit]now[/major edit] hearing conversations that go something like this:

    "Did you hear how much the Ps3 is?!"
    "No, but I'm guessing it's under $300."
    "No! It's $599, for the good one anyway."
    "Well, I'm not getting that."

    Even worse, from the look of online polls, people are now switching to the Wii or Xbox360. One of the most popular ideas is a Xbox360 along with a Wii, mainly because an Xbox360 premium package and a Wii will be the same, or a little over the cost of the Ps3 premium package (I don't think anyone wants the bare bone package).

    This is going to be an interesting generation of consoles. It isn't just a bunch of people saying "We have the best power!" or "We can render Toy Story on this!"
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      Originally posted by Martin
      Chrisand I had this discussion the other day. I personally think that BluRay will go the way of Beta. it will likely be used in professional circles, but not by the average home user, mostly because of the price.
      With the compression algorhythms being used by toshiba's HD-DVD, the effective storage capacity on a DL DVD are damned near doubled. Added to that, the DL DVD+/-R disks are already on the market, and are considerable cheaper that the BR disks.

      Between Sony's penchant for overpricing and propietary hardware Ithinkt hey will lose yet another "Battle of the Recording Media" regardless of the superiority of their product.

      Of course this doesn't even get into the morals of Sony frivilously litigating Constellation3D into bankruptcy to be able to all but steal the patents for FMD (Flourescent Multi-Layer Disk) technology and incorporate their superior qualities into BluRay
      Since we had the chat Sony have announced their new Vaio laptops with BL drives, they do read and write to DVD-R (dual layer as well) so they obviously agree with you regarding the importance of that

      I agree that $599 is probably too much, they should have gone for $499. But still, A PS3 at $599 is only a fraction more than an HD-DVD player. It's a bit of a no brainers which you are going to buy between the two if you want to play next generation DVDs early. Add to the fact that even if the PS3 dosen't do well it's going to sell a few million players very rapidly, far more rapidly than HD-DVD players on their own are going to sell - it all just gives Blu-Ray an advantage. Whether they can hold that depends on how quickly they can lower prices.

      It will be interesting to see whether Dell offer Blu-Ray or HD-DVD writers in their PCs. Getting an exclusive deal there for either camp would make a big difference.
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        Its been stated by Microsoft that HD-DVD will be able to be used with no problems in Vista. That Blu-Ray would require some sort of plug-in to use. We'll see how that goes.

        Sorry, but no regular mom and pop will be able to justify the $500 or $600 price tag. The 360 $400 price tag was a bit much for most. With less than 10% of American homes having hdtv, blu-ray does little to nothing to warrant the price tag when at that point when all you would be stuck with is an expensive DVD player to play your PS2 games on. As well, most people (especially regular joes) that dont have hdtv and cant afford it, will see less reason to have the PS3 at those costs when for them it would have no advantage. Especially if Sony cant show that the graphics used are any different than the 360's. And lets not forget the cost of buying the PS3, games, and peripherals at launch. Easily setting the price tag closer to $800.

        As for it allowing more storage on the disc, that means very little honestly. No one complains when they have a 6 hour movie on dvd and about 3 or 4 hours in they have to swap out the disc. Or if they have a PS2 game that 10 hours in requires a swap. As well, most DVD's havent used their full potential. Elder Scrolls: Oblivian has hundreds of hours of voice acting, 100-200 hours of gameplay, and graphics to die for. And it only takes up half a disc! At this point and for the foreseeable future Blu-Ray isnt really needed. Sonys best interest would have been to wait a generation. But instead they are trying to force it upon us. Had they waited a generation whil the market was penetrated and the cost cheaper, they could have sold the PS4 much well as the PS3.

        If you get the $500 PS3 or have a regular wont matter. The graphics will not be any sharper or look any beefier. At this point the PS3 is nothing but an overpriced dvd player. The graphics of the games at E3 were underwhelming and in some cases actually looked worse than anything on the 360. The response was overall horrible. Sony has its work cut out for it. Its not the hardcore gamers that buy the system on day 1 that will help the system or Sony. Its the mom's and pop's of the world. And right now its out of most of their price range. Especially when some families entire Christmas budget is the cost of a PS3.

        And should the system be or get plagued with problems at launch (which a Playstations has, every single time), you better believe it will not help Sonys cause. At E3 a Sonic demo froze mid-demo. There is video to prove it as well. Pre-production maybe. But that could be the start of something as well. Remember that Cell and Blu-Ray have NEVER been put into a live test enviroment like the PS3 before. So no one knows what to expect. Sony wont know what to expect either until after the launch. I just dont see this paying off for Sony. Its also gonna be weird not having vibrationi n the controller. No PS1, PS2, or PS3 games will be able to use it since its not available.
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          Xbox 4 life

          Xbox 4 life


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