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  • What was your first computer?

    I got my first PC back in 1993. It was a used 286 my father bought for me from a co-worker. Specifics. were as follows:

    Processor: 286 AT 20 Mhz
    Memory: 2 MB
    Harddrive: 40 MB
    Monitor: 14" really bad one
    Of course no modem or networking stuff although BBS does exist at those times.

    It was 'bundled' with the following programs:
    Windows 3.1
    A very popular banner design app at that time (I spent half an hour trying to remember it but in vain)
    Prince of Persia 2

    A year or so later, I replaced it with a 386SX 16 Mhz full-tower PC. I bought an extra chip of 2 MB memory to enhance the new machine performance. I could run Print Shop Deluxe on it!

    The next big jump was in 1997. This time it was my uncle who brought me a Pentium I with MMX technology days after it hits the markets. He brings it with from Switzerland & was 100% assembled by him. Specifics. were:

    Pentium I 200Mhz with MMX technology
    32 MB RAM
    8 MB AGP Matrox Mellinium video card
    4 GB WD harddrive
    17" regular monitor
    24x CreativeLabs CD-ROM
    Win95, Office97, and many many others. The first game I installed on it was Mortal Kombat.

    Now, I've got a P4 3.2Ghz with 1 GB of RAM machine.
    2 WD harddrives, 120GB each.
    19" LG Flatron monitor
    nVidia GeForce 5700LE 256MB video card
    LG 52x CD-ROM & LG Super Multi DVD drive.

    It's been a long journey indeed. I'm now an avid computer user, but very unfortunately I've learned nothing at programming all these years until I just began with HTML/CSS tweaking, and PHP/MySQL are on my schedule, all thanks to vBulletin.

    So, what was your first computer? And how did you progress with PCs (or MACs or both) over the years?
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    Well I am sure I will be dating myself but my first was a TI-99/4a. Then moved up to a ColorComputer. Still remember when you could peek and poke memory registers

    Now running a speedy OC of 4.8ghz w/4gigs RAM
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      This was my first computer: Kaypro II

      Purchased around 1983. The cost was over $2000 at the time.
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        Mine was a Commodore 64
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          Originally posted by Steve Machol
          This was my first computer: Kaypro II

          Purchased around 1983. The cost was over $2000 at the time.

          $2000 as alot back then. Well, still is!


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            ZX Spectrum 48K


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              Apple Mac LC475 was the first proper computer I used although we had an old 286 kicking around, but I never really liked using PC's.


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                I had a used ti99/4a and Commodore 64 both was used I got them in 1985/86 secound hand. I still have the commodore 64 diskdrives.


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                  My father got an 8088 from work, man, now that was cool - Few years later, we got a 286, now that was a fast machine.


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                    Apple IIe
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                      1. Commodore 128 in 1986
                      2. 486sx-25mhz/4megs ram/125meg hard drive about 1993. My first overclock as I replaced the 25mhz crystal with a 40mhz crystal.
                      3. Around 1995 I started part swapping, went to an AMD 486-133 for awhile and then to a pentium 200mmx, pentium II 400, and so on.


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                        Didn't we have the thread not long ago?

                        Sinclair XZ80
                        Mac Lisa (didn't own it though)
                        Atari 800
                        Mac SE/30
                        Mac Centris 610
                        PB 5400ce
                        PB 1400cs
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                          All in chronological order.

                          The entire computer progression:
                          • 386SX/16 which ran Windows 3.0, then 3.1, then Windows 95 very, very slowly installed from 13 3.5" floppy disks
                          • 486/something, used briefly, either Windows 95 or NT
                          • Pentium MMX 200, used about two or three years, Windows NT. I still have the core components except for the AT power supply which I'll never be able to find online
                          • Pentium III 933, used about three years, Windows Me then Windows 2000 then maybe Windows XP. Its core components are still in use in another computer.
                          • Pentium 4 2.6, still in use today after 2.5 years, survived a self-induced fire (damn floppy drives). Windows XP, Vista in VMware. Will use Vista when it comes out or will upgrade to dual-core AMD for Vista. I strongly prefer Intel but their dual-core architecture is stupid given there's no dedicated bus between the cores, just the relatively super-slow FSB. AMD has a dedicated bus between the cores.
                          Secondary line:
                          • Some other 486 which died when I learned what "low-level format hard drive, are you absolutely sure" meant.
                          • Mac Classic-like Mac. I'll never forgive myself for having gotten rid of it.
                          • iBook G3 600. Died a slow death, was killed off by selling on eBay.
                          • Fujitsu Lifebook B2620 ultraportable. Awesomely tiny and sturdy, had a super-annoying fan, maximim memory cap of 256 MB IIRC. Sold on eBay mainly because of the fan. Its touch screen turned me onto tablet PCs.
                          • Power Mac G4 Cube 500 MHz, 20-something GB, 384 MB, Radeon 9200 (flashed from a PC version). Still in use today as my Safari tester. Mac OS X 10.4.
                          • Toshiba Portege M200 tablet PC; 1.5 GHz Pentium M, 1.5 GB, 60 GB 7200 RPM drive, Windows XP. Definitely switching to Vista, although it will be hard to install. Still in use after 1.5 years as my primary mobile computer, typing this post on it.

                          The future next PC I'm planning to built in maybe two years with comparable specs for the price: AMD X2 64 3 GHz or so, 2 GB memory but more likely 4 GB or insanely enough 8 GB, my current 10,000 RPM RAID 0 or maybe 15,000 RPM RAID 5 SCSI if I win the lottery, SLI'ed Geforce 7800/7900 GTX. Probably around $2000.

                          In a couple years, I'll also upgrade laptops, but it's way too early to tell what. Toshiba has released the M400 but the lack of dedicated video completely turned me off.

                          And as a random note, my trapezius hurts like hell all of a sudden; I'm 20 minutes out of the weight room having shrugged 95 pounds (85 was previous max). Clicking is strenuous also.
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                            Oh boy! And I remember most of these too.

                            '86 Commodore 64 (remember joyfull when I got the balloon to bounce)
                            '93 IBM 386x with Windows 3.1
                            '99 Gateway Pentium II I think Windows 95
                            '02 Apple ibook G3 Clamshell (still have)
                            '03 Compaq Presario 7000 Windows ME(still have)
                            '04 Compaq Presario 2100 Windows 98 Laptop (still have)
                            '05 Sony Vaio Desktop With ME(use for the entertainment center)
                            '06 Alienware Aurora Star Wars Edition Windows XP PRO(awesome)
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                              Commodore 16 tuned up to 64k (Commodore +4)

                              Tape always failed to load the games so had to keep adjusting the head with a screwdriver


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