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How did you get your forum to where it is?

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      Forums for parents of multiples
      Threads: 13,700,
      Posts: 191,363,
      Members: 457, Active Members: 212

      We have only been running VBulletin for about 6 months, we had a phpbb board, for about 6 months before that, and not everyone reregistered when we set up the new forums.
      We don't do a lot of advertising, other than reciprical links.

      Still learning....


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        I have made it clear since the start that there will be no ads, banners, text ads, promo threads, etc on my site.


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          Forum Type: General Disscussion
          Date Opened: Nov. 2002
          Members: 930
          Threads: 21,426
          Posts: 445,245

          We basically got to where we are now by word of mouth and trolling other forums. No shame in that. Some of our best members have come from other forums, basically because we let them do as they please, within reason. Our focus is to promote the users individuality. I would love to increase our active memberbase. Currently about a third of them are truly active. Pruning time is coming up.
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            Originally posted by Greps View Post
            I have made it clear since the start that there will be no ads, banners, text ads, promo threads, etc on my site.
            That's noble of you, but probably not as much of a draw as you might imagine. Also, if you believe, as I do, that your forum should be self-sustaining or else you're wasting your time, it makes little business sense, either.

            I started with the notion of "no ads" but quickly found that - surprise, surprise - ads not only 1) pay the bills but also 2) do not turn off users. Responsible folks understand that little in life is free.

            And actually to some, ads legitimize your site, especially if the ads are from various sources. Income also allows you to grow your site with new features. And if it ain't growing, it's dying.

            Photocamel grew through lots of individual invitations to those who could provide content that others would be interested in reading and by providing a place where pros and enthusiasts could learn from each other. The photocamel story was written up by adminzone last year. You can read about it here.
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              Originally posted by jdough12 View Post
              Also, if you believe, as I do, that your forum should be self-sustaining or else you're wasting your time, it makes little business sense, either.
              Not all of us have forums up for business purposes, and yet don't find it to be "wasting our time".


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                  Originally posted by Chousho View Post
                  Not all of us have forums up for business purposes, and yet don't find it to be "wasting our time".
                  Exactly. I run my board for fun. It has absolutely no purpose for existing. It's not there to talk about any one thing or accomplish some goal. I just like running a message board, which is why it exists to begin with. Although I've never made any money off of it because I don't have ads or anything, I frankly don't care. It's a hobby, and I don't consider the loss of money (which has probably been under $200 total) to be a negative. It's just the price you pay for doing something you enjoy.


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                    Forum Type: MMORPG fansite
                    Date Opened: Sep. 2004
                    Members: 4400+
                    Threads: 7,195
                    Posts: 100,000+

                    I'd say we're probably the largest fansite covering STO at the moment, which isn't a bad achievement given we entered what you might call a saturated market in terms of other sites covering Star Trek games, and we came out of nowhere and really had to start from the bottom and work our way up over the last two and a half years. Persistence has been they key really, just getting on with it, building up a great team of active staff and long term contributors and also establishing a good relationship with the developers. Also trying to expand our content has helped, be it via articles, blogs or galleries, while the forum is without doubt our major draw, these things help retain new visitors. We've also got quite a strong, some might consider strict, set of guidelines which are actively enforced, and while we get some inevitable complainers, that the majority of threads and such are kept on track and on topic turns out to be a good retainer too.

                    I also started off with the thought 'No advertising on here' but over time I learned that people aren't actually too concerned about that, so long as it's not in their face all the time, and so I've got some strategically placed adsense, whose location varies depending on being logged in or not, etc and now I'm earning about enough for the site to be paying for itself. I enjoy doing it, and don't mind having been out of pocket in doing it for the last few years, but the extra income to help offset costs certainly doesn't hurt me or the site.


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             (coral reefers, specifically focused on zoanthids)
                      opened: April 2006
                      Threads: 3,216
                      Posts: 43,341
                      Members: 584

                      We've been having steady growth (not huge) every month. I try to keep things active and the mods do a great job helping along the discussions. I like to also have contests and give a little back to the members. We have sponsors to pay the bills and what's left over usually goes into site upgrades (portal, gallery, faster server, etc.) or contests with prizes. Not trying to get rich, just trying to have the best forum for our topic. We have a couple banner exchanges with other related sites and lots of word-of-mouth type of advertising. I have recently installed the limited guest viewing system to try to help get more people to sign up instead of just browsing. Hopefully that works out. I usually have about 20 members signed in and another 30 guests.

                      We started with the free phpbb2 software and I am SOOOO glad we upgraded to vbulletin, it's so nice to not have to "hack" your software to configure something. I love how easy everything is and all the options there are right out of the box. I have a couple of mods installed but nothing that changes the code.

                      And thanks to VB for being there when I do have questions.


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                        Site: Occult Corpus

                        Type: A Magickal Community
                        Threads: 1,567 (300 from feeds)
                        Posts: 12,251 (780 from me)
                        Members: 266 (4 awaiting authorization)
                        Active Members: 123 (checked every other week)

                        I was a mod/admin on another forum that got repeatedly hacked. The site owner went AWOL for several months so I grabbed as many people as I could and ran with them. I believe I was one of the lucky forum owners to have a member-base before even clicking install. I’ve still worked my ass off to make it was it is over these last 6 months and am rather proud.

                        I’ve been focusing on getting it set up to a point where I truly like it so I’ve not bothered seeking awards or further recognition yet… but these things I’ll eventually strive for.


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                          Forum Type: Toyota X-Runner Enthusiast Forum
                          Date Opened: January 13, 2007
                          Members: 401
                          Threads: 1,391
                          Posts: 22,000+

                          XR-Underground was created to fill a niche market. Many of the larger Toyota enthusiast forums liked to lump all of the Tacoma trucks into one forum, not recognizing the difference in personality between a 4x4 owner and a street truck owner. Only one other website had a dedicated sub-forum for X-Runner's which was often nothing short of breeding ground for flame posts.

                          Identifying a need is the first part of creating a successful product. XR-U has been open nearly 4 months and I am already selling website branded merchandise (per my users request) and I just recently held the first official XR-U sponsored event - aptly named X-Fest Micro (XFM) in Orlando, FL. There are already plans for a larger X-Fest 2007 to be in a centrally located city.

                          Merchandise helps cushion the cost of operating once you get over the hump of the hard cost. I am looking to implement AdSense as Caiman did to hopefully get me out of the red as far as my investment goes.

                          And yes... I am an X-Runner owner.
                          X-Runner Underground:
                          The Unforgiven:


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                            Originally posted by IDN View Post
                            List your forum and it's statistics (Total, Daily posts, Members, URL, Etc) and desribe how you got there. What kind of advertising methods you used, what you offered as a service, content, etc. I'm curious to see how other forums that are larged then mine got to where they are today. I really haven't done anything to get it off the ground which is why my forum is not as active after 3 years.
                            My forum still isn't eligible for status, but it's fairly busy.

                            Site: Cyburbia Forums ( )

                            Forum type: English language board for urban/town planning practitioners and students.

                            Date opened: 24 March 1996

                            Members: Current: 4,348, active: 923. There have been over 10,000 members, but I prune those who don't validate registrations or have zero posts and haven't logged on in the past 60 days.

                            Threads: 22,085

                            Posts: 334,419. There's a "no low-content posts" rule, so the percentage of substantial messages is quite high compared to most other boards I've come across. The off-topic discussion has attracted quite a few members who aren't planners.

                            Advertising: Almost none.

                            How did it get to where it is?: Time. Plain and simple. The site has been online since 1994, and the forums active since 1996. It has LOADS of good Google juice; for example, the site used to be the #1 result for a Google search for "urban planning"; now it's #2, behind Wikipedia. The forum isn't as busy as it could be, mainly because planners have traditionally gravitated to listservs -- forums are seen as less professional among many planners -- and because I can't afford to advertise in national planning publications.

                            There are some EXTREMELY busy urbanist sites, mainly catering to skyscraper and city enthusiasts. Cyburbia's niche is that it caters to planning professionals and students. It's been a round much longer than the urbanist sites, despite having a post count that is an order of magnitude or two lower than them. Think of the urbanist sites as the equivalent of general music forums, while Cyburbia is the equivalent of a musician's forum.
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                            Cyburbia Forums - a third place for urban planners


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                              Currently Active Users: 4 (2 members and 2 guests)
                              Most users ever online was 20, September 29th, 2006 at 06:55 PM.

                              TC Forums Statistics
                              Threads: 1,185
                              Posts: 45,589
                              Members: 202
                              Active Members: 59

                              Main Site:
                              As you see, i have only 202 members, 59 active, which doesn't seem like it, i have advertised through other forums with affiliate boxes, search engines (google, yahoo,, ask, etc), word of mouth, even have a youtube video by a member.

                              the forum is up since early September 06 and I have to say it was a bit of a ride but not nearly as exciting as i am hoping it to be, we are trying to make flash cartoons but the flash artists need to get their work done first for other things.

                              Please let me know what i can do to REALLY attract registrations, it's very slow, it shrunk from 10 users registering a day to only 2 or none at all. The usual 40 users online a day has dropped to 23 if lucky. I would really appreciate any help as it's dying and I want a lot of active members, not just a great amount of total members.

                              I dare not prune as it cuts the total number down, so any help would be appreciated.
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                                Originally posted by whitetigergrowl View Post

                                It deals with the kids show Power Rangers and its counterpart, the Japanese version of the show its based off of called Sentai.
                                Not to stray off topic nor be a nitpicker but "sentai" is not the Japanese version of Power rangers. Sentai refers to the genre of live action team heroes as a whole. I should know as I grew up on them . Battle Fever!

                                Keep up the good work on your site! Ganbattekudasai.


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