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How did you get your forum to where it is?

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  • How did you get your forum to where it is?

    I did not see any other posts with this kind of subject.

    List your forum and it's statistics (Total, Daily posts, Members, URL, Etc) and desribe how you got there. What kind of advertising methods you used, what you offered as a service, content, etc. I'm curious to see how other forums that are larged then mine got to where they are today. I really haven't done anything to get it off the ground which is why my forum is not as active after 3 years.
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    My Forums

    Got started really by two ways, the Windows beta program and beta team, working with Microsoft, and Windows MVP program. I really like to help people out, and i have had a vB license for many years now. I just recently had to restart my forums due to a database problem, thats why i don't have that many members right now.

    I am hoping that will change soon though..
    Microsoft Beta Team


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      Forum Type: Adult
      Date Opened: March 3rd, 2003
      Vistors: 25,000+ Uniques a month
      Posts: 26,000+
      Threads: 2,400+
      Members: 3,200+

      I really have done nothing until recently which is why the forum has such a low post count. It's gone up a lot recently since I have made changes. There has been 4,000 posts in the past month since I made the changes. I've added a content section that has not been index by any search engine for some reason, so the content hasn't helped a ton. I've redesigned the site and started promoting where I can at other adult forums and getting reviews of the site for small promotion factor and to get criticism on the site. I've submitted it to directories for backlinks and to raise my rank in google for my targeted term, I'm now rank #3 for that term. (I'll be working on my other term now for ranking)

      I've tried contacting people for link exchanges, over 100 sites, only a few responded. I'm thinking of using Adwords for promoting. I'm looing for ways to promote it. I'm trying to work on a sexier site design since sex is spicey and the current design doesn't say spicey. Looking back on some of the previous threads, I made some wrong choices over a year which dampered the site growth.
      Running vB since 4-14-2002


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        Forum Type: vBulletin Fans Community
        Date Opened: January 1st, 2001
        Visitors: Oh, I don't know ..
        Posts: 125,000+
        Threads: 20,000+
        Members: 10,000+

        Spread over / / / / / and working on generic offtopic board

        We are not that big because we have a specific topic and there are enough other competitive sites with the same type of content. But we prefer to have a close group of known vBulletin users who discuss everything related to vBulletin. Most of the sites are small projects that have spawned to help the bigger community; and they're mostly browsing visitors because they want to test a language or a style.

        I wanted to have a community after I stopped using for business. This became the open forum community for my (IRC chat) friends. This grew quite big after we moved from 5+ bbs softwares to vBulletin. And around the time 3.x was being developed I was invited to private beta test 3.0.0 and so we did. The content of the site was leaning towards vBulletin discussion so we moved to (now redirecting to and from vBnl we got more and more generic vBulletin discussions going and less and less off topic. So we changed to a vB Fans site. We try to publish community related articles, interviews, guides and resources. Like unique hacks, plugins, styles, graphics, etc that you don't find on the other sites like vBorg. There are admin only discussion boards and featured-communities forums, etc.

        Two of our sites won Board of the Month competitions here on and we've been a featured community winner from the admin zone web site. And have partner links with big sites like and, etc.

        We hope to grow by bringing more dynamic content and community related events to the site and be there for the members. Having a flexible team of staff members and a nice mood set by them and the regulars, always helps grow the community.

        Over time we hope to increase our site with content and more active members, but we will see how it goes. We're not a commercial web site and we are here for the vBulletin fans, and I'm just happy I have a web site where I can have conversations with friends and vBulletin customers, and that I have a chat room for live-chats with family and friends.

        I wonder how our site would be if we were to move to a more commercial point of view and advertise and such. Twice as big? Or would we already be a dying bunch of web sites? Oh well .. what we run now is good enough for me.

        Good luck with your own web site!


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          Forum Type: Car enthusiasts community
          Date Opened: Original site opened sometime back in 2001
          Posts: 10,600+
          Threads: 1,000+
          Members: 118 (we trim off the fat and lose those who don't post within 4 months to keep the numbers more true)

          Where to begin.... it's been a rocky road it seems.

          Well, for starters, we're just a local car club community focused on domestic V8 performance, and isn't interested in having massive ammounts of members on the boards.

          Our original site started up in 2001 and was a pretty crappy little thing with one of those free and pretty useless boards with very little security - but at the time we weren't paying for webspace, and I was just starting to learn graphic design and website design, so it was a good learning curve. Anyway, that site got hacked up and we lost almost everything after about a year.

          Right after losing that board, we had one of our members offer to host a board on his webspace for a while. We did that until we had a falling out with him, and he deleted the board on us - this time I had some back-ups at least, but it was yet another setback for us.

          We went without a board and just a little site for about 7 or 8 months after that because I was tired of getting screwed over and no one else wanted to deal it either, but it hurt our membership, so I decided got back into it. This time I decided to do it right though - I got ahold of the SMF forum software and paid for my own webspace through Lewis Media, who was an awesome hosting company, but after about a 1.5 years they decided to kill of their hosting services, so the hunt for a good host was on again. I tried out a couple of companies over a 6 month period... never was happy with any of them, but then a friend recommended I signed up with them and at the same time, after using SMF for about 2 years decided to switch over to vBulletin just this past fall.
          Wolf Pack Car Club


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            Forum Type: Sport bike enthusiasts community
            Date Opened: Opened back in early 2002 under a different name
            Posts: 140,000+ posts with auto prunning on
            Threads: 6,000+
            Members: 1400+ (we delete members that haven't been around for over 6 months).

            It started out as my personal site, for myself and a couple of friends to host pictures. We started out as a group of friends that have a common interest. I added a forum a couple of months after starting the site, just so we could have a place to keep in contact and organize group events. At the time we all were also on a national forum, but there were some disagreement between the owner and the sponsors. It was down for about a week. Someone else started a local forum to cater to the local members with 2 admins, a dedicated server, and plently of money behind to support it. I didn't really want to compete, I couldn't, so I kept my forum private for only a few close friends. The newly started forum grew fast, while mine was slow and a laughing stock for those who know about the 2 sites. It was a missed opportunity for me to turn something personal to something big, but I'm glad I missed it. Slow and steady, we grew from the original 15 members to over 1400 members through word of mouth.

            My forum reflects my personality a lot, easy going, friendly, welcoming, and no "better than thou" attitude. I don't run it as "business" but more like a relaxed and informal "BBQ" type of environment where members are friends of mine, with respect toward others. I post on my own forum regularly, but new members rarely know that I'm the admin. They think I'm just a "post-whore". We're still a very close community, and most have met others in person before. I think it's a key to the slow but steady growth of my forum, in addition to switching over to vB. I switched over to vB at the beginning of '05, and it has been great ever since.

            Looking back at the beginning of my site, I'm greatful that I met a lot of members that were there and were willing to put in the time and effort to help the forum, without compensation and the assurance that the site will grow.
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              Board Name: Dragon Forums
              Started: August 21st, 2003 (as a ProBoard, then an IPB, then I converted to vB on 9/11/05.)
              Type of Board: General Discussions
              Members: Less than 200
              Threads: Less than 1,000
              Posts: Less than 2,500
              How it got there: Little to no advertising, no real interesting discussion and the fact that my moving BBS system annoyed some of the regular members.

              I've only recently started Google AdSense, so maybe I can earn a little revenue from the board. But in the long run, I run my board for fun, and just like having it around to play with PHP, etc. That's just as valuable to me as having millions of posts and members.


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                I don't have any websites anymore, I've sold them all .

                But when I did have some I advertised everywere, whenever I'm going to sell a website, I allways sell them after 6 month. TopicLoL I sold recently as I needed the money to buy a couple of things of eBay.


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                  Forum Type: General discussion forum, specialy about Dubai and its investments.
                  Date Opened: April, 2006
                  Posts: 508
                  Threads: 275
                  Members: 32 members

                  I made this forum available for public before 1 month exactly... it is still a new forum, but it is picking up quickly as we discuss very nice topics. I made this site specially for people who have questions about dubai or people coming to Dubai for tourism or just residents. To give them a chance to meet people lived in dubai and can help out with suggestions and answers.

                  I used google for advertising as am using adwords, but it is not really that helpful for me so far!! i submited my site to many search engines..

                  I am excited about it, and i hope to hear ideas from anyone in here about ways to advertis the site and any suggestions or recommendations if you have a chance to login to it. Thanks.

                  I forgot to mention that i have a section to advertise your sites.. so if you want join my community and advertise your site there ... here i got you one way of advertising your site... so help me out in finding other ways... good luck
                  Everything about Dubai...


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                    Site: /
                    Forum Type: General discussion forum. Get webhosting ect..
                    Date Opened: April, 2006
                    Posts: 1,462
                    Threads: 195
                    Members: 66 members

                    I told all my friends about it, they signed up. They told all their friends. I advertised on some hosting websites. It's all word of mouth now, were getting there but slowly.
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                      Originally posted by Ritterz
                      Site: /
                      Forum Type: General discussion forum. Get webhosting ect..
                      Date Opened: April, 2006
                      Posts: 1,462
                      Threads: 195
                      Members: 66 members
                      This is not a spam thread, explain how you got it to where it is today.
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                        Forum Type: Information Security
                        Date Opened: November, 2005
                        Posts: 31.146
                        Threads: 3.243
                        Members: 835 members

                        Actually we did not do anything to get members. But we started with 20-30 users and some people started to link us to other forums. We put a banner to a highly visited technology web site which has a hit of 100 000 per day. the banner stayed for three days but only 26 people clicked. So I think giving banners is useless. Google helped a lot.
                        But I think the most important thing to get somewhere is the content, then people will start to deliver it everywhere.


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                          Originally posted by IDN
                          This is not a spam thread, explain how you got it to where it is today.
                          I don't spam anyway.


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                            Originally posted by Ritterz
                            Site: /
                            Forum Type: General discussion forum. Get webhosting ect..
                            Date Opened: April, 2006
                            Posts: 1,462
                            Threads: 195
                            Members: 66 members

                            I told all my friends about it, they signed up. They told all their friends. I advertised on some hosting websites. It's all word of mouth now, were getting there but slowly.
                            Thats myne.


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                              General forum
                              opened (on vB) Sept 2005
                              Threads: 5,092
                              Posts: 153,714
                              Members: 424

                              Submitting to directories, topsites, link exchanges, search engines, word of mouth and making quizzes with the link on.

                              Music Artist
                              opened April 2006
                              Threads: 534
                              Posts: 4,768
                              Members: 212

                              Only just started promoting this site but so far i have added it to 2 topsites, 4 directories and the major search engines.

                              Forum Admin Resource
                              opened sept 05
                              Threads: 3,617
                              Posts: 28,603
                              Members: 2,872

                              Links on free skins, search engines, directories, & contests


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