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  • The Horror Film Thread!

    Well I don't know about you guys but I am a bonafide horror fanatic.

    So I thought I'd start a horror movie thread, where we can share favourite horror movies/directors/genres etc... etc...

    My all-time favourite horror film is Stephen King & George A. Romero's 1982 horror anthology classic, "CREEPSHOW" (1982). It's always been extremely special for me due to several reasons and always has and always will be my favourite movie ever (not just horror). I STRONGLY recommend anyone who hasn't yet seen it to check it out.

    Creepshow @ the IMDb:

    Other favourites include George A. Romero's "Day of the Dead" (my favourite of the Romero "Dead" series of films), "Zombie" aka "Zombi 2" by legendary italian horror director Lucio Fulci.

    Anyway, enough about my horror tastes. You guys?
    "CREEPSHOW CREEPS ONLINE" - The first & best online resource dead-icated to Stephen King & George A. Romero's 1982 horror anthology classic!!!!

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    It would depend on how you classify horror, although I've always been a fan of Full Moon's productions such as Puppet Master. Many believe the films are cheaply made, although they are not presented in a 'present day' fashion as plain to see when watching the films.

    The movies have more of an underground following and most video stores simply do not carry them, however, they are classics in my eyes.

    I, of course, like the general favorites such as Nightmare on Elm Street, Jason and Halloween, however Jason X and Freddy vs Jason streamed so far out of line it's not even funny.

    Jason X should have never been made, period. Not only did the movie through the entire series' plot off, but it destroyed what little the series had left.


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      No one else? Wow, I'm shocked to say the least.
      "CREEPSHOW CREEPS ONLINE" - The first & best online resource dead-icated to Stephen King & George A. Romero's 1982 horror anthology classic!!!!


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        Well, it could possibly be that the horror genre has floated away from just that, horror. Those that now claim to be horror are in fact suspense which is really a different genre altogether.

        An R rating no longer gives detail that the movie is any scarrier to some than chicken little to a child, it just gives note that there is violence, someone "could" die and there is profanity.

        To add to my list above, however, I do enjoy Child's Play. Chucky is interesting, however Bride of Chucky and Son of Chucky sucked something aweful....I mean, method man and Jennifier Tilly playing 2 parts? What the hell were they thinking? And to beat all, his son didn't know what he wanted to be, a man or a woman? Now, we're talking about a doll here....


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          I watched 'Wolf Creek' yesterday and though it was a low(ish) budget film, it was quite grotesque in places - depicting unimaginable horror and terror.

          OK for a low budget, low expectation horror movie!


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            I love horror movies!

            Ever seen Invasion of the Body Snatchers? My friends always laugh when I watch that.

            I was a fan of the Friday the 13th movies to, although I think everyone was.


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              Creepshow was funny, I remember seeing it in the cinema with a couple of friends. The laughing skull sort of made me watch tales from the cript later on I guess.

              But my biggest memory from creepshow that one of my friends fell asleep within 5 minutes Actually its a classic, every part of the movie is pretty cool unlike a lot of modern day horror movies. These days horror seems to be just a lot of disgusting stuff My personal favorite is 'Mouth of madness' next to 'The Thing' and perhaps 'VideoDrome' in some odd way. I love carpenter, he rules. But David cronenberg is cool too.

              Actually a friend and I started a cult movie site listing all movies we thought where cool. its called.

              Pretty basic stuff but oh well.

              Oh man.. i forget! Evil Dead 2 and III where brilliantly funny too. I still think part 2 is hilarious and Army of Darkness is just utterly weird.

              Always feel a bit sorry for bruce Cambel for never getting anywhere. Bubba Ho-tep was kinda fun, but not as brilliant as his older stuff.
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                I love horror movies too. Halloween and Friday the 13th are classics, though i think they went a little overboard when they went past part 6 of each.
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                  With Halloween, it was #3 - Really had nothing to do with the entire series.


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                    Originally posted by KingSpade
                    With Halloween, it was #3 - Really had nothing to do with the entire series.
                    So true, that really sucked.
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                      Well, to be honest the death of the series 'started' with Halloween III, Halloween H20 then killed the series with Busta Rymes.

                      Honestly, are rappers becoming so poor and placed so far down on the 'food chain' that they need be featured in a movie soley to promote their dying career? (note, Son of Chucky and Method Man as another example)


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