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  • SuperBowl Shambles

    I thought the officiating was terrible, full of bad calls. I switched off at half time!

    Looks like a lot of people are upset with the refs and NFL -

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    I didn't even bother watching it. Was playing video games with my kids.
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      The officiating wasn't that bad. If the Seahawks had the skill, they still would have won.

      The Indy game was called horribly against us (the Steelers) but we still won.


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        Like I told my friend who was rooting for the Seahawks. I've blamed the refs for my team losing for years, and it's good to be on the other side for once!

        I'm still mad about the Seahawks beating the Panthers.


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          I stop watching when they said the ball cross within the touchdown field. I did not see it go in the white area, only thing that cross the field was the helmet of the player. Even with the replay they have now, they still made a bad call even worst. They need glasses or stop going to their bookies.


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            His arm was blocking the ball, which is why you couldn't see it for sure.

            Even if it was overruled we'd have won 14-10.


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              I was asleep, then I woke up to do my hw, stopped halfway through when I realized it wasn't due until next week, then went to play Perfect Dark Zero.

              Super Bowl? Heck, it took place in my city and I still didn't care

              MGM out


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                I spent the day in the mountains on a board having fun instead of watching other people have fun. I'm glad The Bus got a ring and I'm also glad that Jake Plummer didn't make it to the Super Bowl. The Broncos are my team, but ever since Plummer, I've rooted for the opposition. Overall, I'm just glad its done.
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                  I was neutral in this game so didn't really care who won. This was my first full season following (American) football. ( I chose the Broncos as my team as I plan on moving to the Denver area one day). I've watched the SuperBowl for the past few years, which is quite a mission in the UK as it doesn't usually start until the early hours!

                  I guess I picked a bad year as I thought some of the calls made by the refs throughout the season were 'a bit dodgy' but being a newbie to the game, thought it was normal. Not much has been said until this SuperBlow

                  I guess this was the final straw for most fans and now everyone is speaking up. I really was disappointed with the refs in this SB. Millions of people saw one thing yet the refs saw another

                  Clearly something needs to be done with the NFL officiating team (check all the links at, it's not just me!). With all the technology available and the huge amount of money in the NFL, there's no excuse for the constant bad calls.

                  Well done to the Steelers, you won the SuperBowl, and I was happy to see all the smiling faces (next day of course as I switched off )

                  BUT because of all the bad calls.....not just against the SeaHawks......who knows what could have been.


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                    Originally posted by tgillespie
                    I spent the day in the mountains on a board having fun....
                    I really am jealous of you! Nice


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                      At the time it seemed like the Steelers had an extra man on their payroll

                      (said in jest!)

                      Big Ben even stated on Letterman, he never made that TD!


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                        Originally posted by ZeroSixty
                        I really am jealous of you! Nice
                        By far one of the best days on the mountain due to the lack of people. Let me know when you move to Colorado. I will be sure to give you some tips. As for the Broncos, they have an excellent program, just an idiotic quarter back. Back on topic though.
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                          The Seahawks also had plenty of chances that they couldn't convert where bad calls had nothing to do with it.

                          Overall though, I thought it was a pretty poorly played Super Bowl all around. The two best teams in the league that had some stunning upsets in the regular and post-seasons played like it was a pre-season game or something.


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                            Everyone who watched, please take this poll -


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                              Even if it was overruled we'd have won 14-10
                              But what if the other touchdown had been called differently as well..?
                              (the one where Seattle pushed off of Pittsburgh)


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