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Favourite Sweets?

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  • Favourite Sweets?

    Thought this would be an interesting thread.

    What are your favourite sweets? (That's candy for our Canadian/American friends )

    My top three are:

    1. Fudge
    2. Marshmallows
    3. Dolly Mixtures (always loved 'em since I was about 3!)

    ... you guys?
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    Gotta go with haystacks and these things they call snippets. Haystacks can be made easily, but snippets are fake chocolate that came in like 99 cent bags of candy. The company that used to make them just does not make them anymore and there would only be 1-2 per bag.

    I wrote them a while back at the address, sadly, they never wrote back. they are like tootsie rolls, but had such a better flavor and would chew so much better.

    Brings me back almost 3-4 years ago, probably longer for those.


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      Almond Roca (candy)


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        Haribo, (fresh) vanilla fudge, honeycomb, (original) tooty frooties, starburst, crunchie... I could go on all day. I must have the sweetest tooth known to man.
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            Good thread Creepshow

            I like Hersheys Kisses (The older ones with SOYA LECITHIN,the new ones (with soy lecithin) taste like crap)

            I used to like M&Ms (Before the year 2000,as in 2000,they changed the recipe to using SKIM MILK,MILKFAT and they taste terrible)


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              I never could get into m&m's or really any hershey's / mars candies, possibly because I prefer the fake chocolate flavor . Latley, coconut bon-bons and other coconut items have really been on my menu.

              Trying to cut back though as I am trying to work out a bit more. Not really gaining weight, but when trying to tone up, all that candy doesn't help .

              However, with Birthday Cake ice cream out there, it really is hard to put the spoon down.


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                Millions has to be my favorite sweets. When I have some loose change I allways go down to the shop and buy some .


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                  Chocolate (any form except ice cream), Peanut Brittle, Snickerdoodle Cookies.
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                    Hard one this because I like so many. But I do like: Galaxy bars


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                      Now peanut brittle is something I've not had in a long time, at least not since my aunt made some probably 4 years ago. I was always more for the brittle part than the peanut part though.

                      Since you mention cookies, homemade butter cookies are wonderful as well.


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                        Marshall Field's Frango Chocolate always is a great treat... they are very delicious!
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