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  • My spam post.

    I have made quite an amount of posts on this web site, and way back .. to get help with vB, surely some to promote my own forum, some to share tips and hints to other customers. And later some to share my custom template mods. And a majority after I got hired and help customers with their sales and support questions. Surely there are posts not everybody likes (warning posts to users who break the forum rules) or just 'fun' posts without much content.

    After I got hired by Jelsoft I've been posting quite steady for a year, until some personal events like a brother in law that had an accident (he's fine now), me fighting the flu that lasted a good month, and my divorce last April, small burnout, etc. Zachery surely bypassed me as he went on steady (hehe). But just now I hit my 20,000th post after doing a few hours of customer support.. so I am allowed to make it my spam post. If not only for nostalgia reasons.

    Yes, yes .. I am fully aware that post count on a forum does not matter, and it does not for me. However, you can't deny that it is a nice number. Especially as I have not been trying to reach it, and that I have been trying my best to make my contributions to conversations to be on-topic and productive. Another nice note is that the web site recently hit the 1 million post count.

    Anyway, things are going quite smoothly now in the support ticket system now that Colin is new to the staff and doing a great job. I therefor have more time to post on the forums again too, besides just in the ticket system. And with 2006 around the corner I hope to stay on track and make it a nice year, though I don't suspect to double the post count I have now, ha ha. According to the stats in my profile I make 13 posts per day average, so that means I should be around 25k in 12 months from now. I guess we'll see.

    Oh, and to complete this spam post.. come to the vb fans web site and post there with me too!
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    YAYE im nearly there. getting there just another like 19,999 to go.
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      congrats Floris.... i'm still working my way up to 1000 on these forums :P
      Unlike most, I don't think I'm always right, if I'm wrong, CORRECT me.... providing you have some evidence


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        Spammer if I ever saw one

        I hearby crown you : King Spammer


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          I havn't even reached 100..


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            One of these days Floris... BAM... My post count gets higher.... you just wait...

            Congrats And good job so far with the support and everything. Sorry to hear about your personal problems but everybody has them, its life I hope to see you around here more often

            MGM out


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              Gary, thank you The crown goes well with my King Floris crown and my Jelsoft badge.

              MGM: Thank you, surely over time you will surely get close


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                Congratulations Floris. Since I've been here, I've seen nothing but nice comments and helpfull tips in your posts, you deserve this badge .

                I'm still working on my 500'th post .


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