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  • 1 of 3 registered user never wrote

    I ask myself why on my site a member register himself if at the end he doesn't write. He can read all threads without registration.
    Anyone has an explication of that and similar experiences?
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    It's the same everywhere I'm afraid. Actually on many forums it is as many as 2 in 3 not posting - you're pretty lucky to have 66% of users posting (or posted)


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      I mistaken, I corrected myself, I wanted to say 1 of 3 write, and 2 don't.
      But ...... why they registered themselves, if they don't write?
      I can't imagine any reason for this. I use email-verificaton and only few member are unverified.
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        Perhaps they are UBB user and want to see the vbulletin user control panel


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          They are registering because:
          • They want to safe their Nick for the future
          • They are really kids and don't know what they're doin'
          • They want to spam the member list
          • They want to help you coming really big and full of members
          • They klicked the wrong button
          • They are registering because they love you

          So what, these are the reasons.


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            80 / 20 rule, 80 percent of the posts will come from 20% of the members...

            I hope the new community update hacks (see sig) will change this, getting your registered users with little or no posts to come back to the forums week after week.


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              I hold 16.7 % of the posts on my forums.

              26623 posts total
              4464 of them are mine


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                I have 13 times as many posts here as i do on my board.
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                  Maybe someone register just to see how the chat is and who is in.


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                    By registering and not posting, the inactive members are telling you, "I EXIST AND WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW OF MY PRESENCE ON THE FORUMS... I'm just not going to say anything"


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                      All depends on if the member just wants to take-take-take from your site, instead of give-give-give.

                      I bet has a lot of active users, I know I registered yet never posted - mainly because I hated ubb - but I wanted information from the forums.
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                        Registering of course means that the latest post indicators etc work correctly for you whereas they don't tend to when you are not registered. Plus you can set the clocks to your local time zone.

                        Though it is frustrating seeing all these people registering but not posting anything.
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