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What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?

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    If i won the lottery i'd buy VBulletin.


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      Originally posted by MGM
      Haha, can I help?

      The guy's an idiot... If I won ANY type of lottery, I wouldn't say a word (even to my family) until every last penny is safely in a couple of banks

      MGM out
      Crap, where I live, you would get jumped for a $2.00 instant winner!


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        I'd do a google, copy everyone elses businesses but do it better. One reason I dislike google because they get to do it and I don't! But I'd definitly have to have a datacenter and be my own bandwidth carrier I love these sort of conversations, I could go on for months saying what I would do..


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          IF I won the lottery, Oh if only!!


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            Originally posted by Creepshow
            What's your problem?

            And what a full of sh!t statement that was. Anyway, if you want to be a moron, go ahead. If you were trying to upset me with that comment, it didn't work. It just made me laugh. kthxbye.
            Originally posted by Creepshow
            I'd pay the vB staff to make Dude111 stop making rubbish threads if I won.
            Originally posted by Dude111
            If you dont like my threads,WHY ARE YOU READING THEM??

            You are angry for my comment then you make one against the thread starter here? You still have not understood your own comment here and say you are not flipped out?? Do not you know what you type? I still stick to my comment about how I perceive your post here.


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              He's an idiot...Probably 12 yrs old,thinks he knows it all......

              Lets not be bothered with him


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