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why did you buy vBulletin?

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    Originally posted by xjuliox View Post
    Have you notice how beautiful vBulletin IS? The reason I bought it was because of the default Blue skin (yes is dumb) and the way the post look with the name on TOP!
    Didn't like the default style at first, but it grew on me.

    I have to say that the buttons are pretty much the worst buttons i have ever seen designed. NO JOKE.

    hey, the software is the bes though.
    -rock on
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      Originally posted by rin View Post
      when IPB went to payed-only i decided to go with vbulletin. i knew vbulletin from several forums i was a member of and i really liked the interface.
      Same here..
      Was using IPB when it was free.. While i was using IPB i was thinking about swithching over to VBulletin because it looked better.
      When IPB decided to start charging then i decided to jump on over to VB.
      I figured if i was gonna have to start paying then i would pay for the BEST


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        Because vBulletin has always been my favorite forum software for a number of reasons - I just like the interface, the features, and generally got used to it as the first forum I joined was a vBulletin.

        Well, I used to have a forum on Invisionfree, but I kept having these urges to hack the forum, aside from the fact I like to keep everything on my site on my own server, so I wanted to get downloadable software. And since my favorite was vBulletin, that's what I got.


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          When I began using forum software it was with the IkonBoard (1999), and then eventually switched over to PHPBB until a hacker came in and deleted everything (2004) I knew that a friend of mine who owned an auto parts owned a license to Vbulletin and no longer used it for his auto parts website (or any site) so I asked him if I could use it to give it a try, and he allowed me to (he set the license information up for me) I used his licensed Vbulletin for about 2-3 weeks and then decided to purchase it myself.
          At first I went with a leased version until I asked to forum members for donations and I then was able to afford the Vbulletin owned license along with several skins.

          So for me, the reasons for my original purchase and my reasons for sticking with Vbulletin are:

          o Security
          o The best looking forum software package online
          o The most robust software forum package
          o Perhaps the most comprehensive lineup of support and updates of any software package
          o It is preferred 1,000 to 1 over any other forum package (when polling members of my previous forum)

          The only complaint I truly do have is that Jelsoft has decided to stay safe with the old style of forums and features. I’d love to have a directory styled forum with more robust features that come stock. I would also say that at least 60% of Vbulletin owners would like to have a Vbseo like software come with a stock Vbulletin, but Jelsoft has failed to realize the needs of the majority of their customers.


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            I upgraded because I love the security and mod-ability of vB as opposed to places like phpBB and Invisionfree, and it's better than IPB in my opinion.



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              I purchased it as when I looked at the it sounded like the best forum software out there and with my opinion I would greatly agree for a few reasons as stated below.

              1. The software is at a reasonable price of $160/£91/€139 for a owned license.
              2. The support is first class.
              3. Not may bugs/exploits and they fix them very fast when they are found.
              4. Easy to install and import from other boards using ImpEx.
              5. There are also loads of other features included within the script.


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                Originally posted by Chroder View Post
                I got it because of it's powerful features and its ability to be extremely customized.

                I don't like the default style very much, so that definitely wasn't a selling point for me (even though I was here before this style ).
                I have some basic questions for use of the product, I'm not a programmer, pretty computer savvy, but not a programmer. How probable is it that I could run a board with this software??

                Thanks a bunch for all your help...


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                  Because i found there are many webmaster-forums use it. i think they are experts ,so...


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                    i grabed it for the admin fuctions, customisable skin and because a good mate recomended it to me, since i bourght it i have also found server load has droped from phpbb and a hell of a lot eaiser to moderate


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                      I started with a free forum, which began going well, so I decided to upgrade to a paid one

                      I had joined many vBulletin forums in the past, and it was definitely the best looking software so I bought it and its been doing my forum a lot of good


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                        Wife Pick

                        I had no idea what to purchased my wife researched it for days and cam up with vbull?


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