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How do you pay your site costs?

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    I am spending about $50 per month for my hobby sites(The site in my signature). Ads were making me about $45 to 70 pre month so I wasn't losing any money but! the ad company I have been using has fallen. I gotta find a new one. Does anyone recommend any?

    P.S. Burst rejected because they have no targetted ads for the content of my site(Japanese Animation)


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      I spend around $200 a month on my dedicated servers (I get a super good deal since the guy that owns them pays some remarkable cheap price for it too).

      I make $0 per month on advertisers, since I have non. I just join one and hope to generate some flow off it.. Wish me luck!


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        The company I work for supports, it costs about 3200 a month. I'm going to do voluntary donations and some merchandise to help offset costs.



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          Dang, i just put my site on a dedicated server, not that it needed one, however now that im paying $200 a month, i HAVE to promote the site to pay for the server

          Im just waiting for v2 to be released as a gold version, once thats out im going to co-brand with 15 - 30 other cycling websites, I already have the OK from a dozen of them. Once im upto ~1 - 1.5 million page views a month, im going to sign a sponsorship contract with a *major* bike company. I am expecting to loose money for the next 3 months, but by the 4th month i expect to beable to pay off all site debts and pocket some pennies.


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            Well, Murmurs is 3 servers doing about 20gb a day. 14000+ users a day, with lots of Mp3 downloads and stuff. So... lots of dough But its worth it. vBulletin's use should really send the site to the next level.



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              at the success of SitePoint Wayne! Congrats! I love to see sites successful without the help of know-nothing VCs who through hundreds of millions at sites with NO business plan whatsoever!

              Basically treat it like any other business -- find a business plan / model and have a clear view in your head of WHAT you are going to offer, WHY people would visit and / or pay for it and HOW are you going to make money, etc.
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                Thanks Matt..

                We have rolled out the main portion of our new community sponsorship program. Still waiting on some ad creative from a couple of our forum sponsors for email and newsletter campaigns as well as a couple of integrated boilerplate graphics for the index page.

                Overall it has been well received by our members. They really like the fact that we aren't using the blah old 468x60 banners anymore and offering more of a rich media presentation.

                Still doesn't pay my full salary but the site is growing at a steady clip. Keeping growth steady is my main goal so that we can anticipate and handle it. The last thing we need is a failure because we suddenly surge with too much growth at once.

                Now mind you, I only speak for the community portions of the site. I don't work too much behind the scenes in the rest of the network, but the community keeps me busy enough.
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                  That is great to hear Wayne, I definitely would not want to see anything happen to ANY part of SP!
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                    All of the funding for eDevBoards is paid for totally by ads actually, not that it costs much to host us anyway.
                    If you look at the top-right hand corner of the boards, that is a monthly sponsor that has paid a small fee. That covers hosting for the month and gives a fair bit of profit (which goes back into developing the site).


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                      We get enough to pay expenses, and pocket some spare change. But that is all on the surface, when you consider the extra expenses and time you spend we lose our ass.

                      We are currently working on a couple of things offline that would make the website very profitable - but money is not what I care about, I only care about food, beer, and a high speed connection. A bed is nice but not as important as the first three.


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                        Can i add my 2 cents?

                        Well, I have tried it all:

                        Banner Ads? Well, I stopped relying on those about 9 months ago. I have used: Burst, Sonar (Double Click),Onresponce, MusicVision and all of these just pay little to no money at all these days. Last Xmas I got fed up and started selling my own space. I drafted a few letters and sent those out to a few companies...well, I made more money doing that than I did all last year wityh the Banners.

                        But now that's drying I have done the same thing that Sitepoint has done...switched to Sponsorships. i feel that a company would rather sponsor my site that to run an ad on it. Same difference to me $$$ Just twisting the wording to get what I want.

                        Besides that, I have a shop (thru on my main site The banners are house ads for products thru my ( account. Some banners are just fluff to mmake the site look good to potential advertisers.

                        I sell, custom caps with my sites name on the front. I take the orders thru paypal account and get them done at a mall here in town on a per order basis. this way, when someone wears the cap or orders a coffee mug/tshirt.....they promote my URL

                        I have a magnetic sign on my car that i use to promote my site when I'm stuck in traffic. It's great because my car is white

                        That last thing I did was to split my forums into a free/subscription based forums. Call me crazy, but I felt that i had a niche and i am getting a goo responce from doing this. my members now really feel like they belong.

                        So, I say, run your best ad at the bottom of your pages and sell the top space yourself. Dig for a basic sells letter and shoot it out to a few companies you like and see what happens

                        Banners are not all evil....i just cashed a check from Burst for $156.00...that was a nice drive to my bank. LOL
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                          We were hoping the subject of our forums would sort of pay for itself through referrals and such, but...
                          Right now all payments are going right out of our wallets. No ad income, nothing, hehe

                          But we like what we're doing.
                          I know I enjoy myself running a website on an "expensive" server. It's great fun, and the experience and knowledge gained is a valuable reward in itself. Maybe our website didn't grow as much as we hoped for, but we ourselves most surely did


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                            Has anyone tired sponsorships offered by their hosts? IE: you host our banner, we give you free space


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                              I do part time computer jobs for people with vbulletin.

                              Moving databases, being an admin (backups etc).

                              And that gives me enough to run my sites. - time to move to dedicated i think.
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                                Originally posted by PepsiCoke
                                Has anyone tired sponsorships offered by their hosts? IE: you host our banner, we give you free space
                                Does this really work?


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