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How do you pay your site costs?

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  • How do you pay your site costs?

    Well, not really Chit Chat, but I guess this is the best place for my post

    I was wondering how you guys make money to compensate the costs you have, assuming you need a dedicated server like me and pay for traffic made by it.

    I have had a very attractive banner deal, but since the click rates are going down to 0.2% and less, I am getting nothing out of it anymore.

    Do you sell ads directly?

    Or is this all just another expensive hobby we have?

    Thanks for your comments

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    Just another expensive hobby for me.

    I make a big issue to the wife whenever I get a click on a banner just to make her think it's not completely for nothing - British expatriate community


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      the fact is that advertising of any kind (impression, click through, commission, etc) doesn't work. The internet is very different from what it used to be.

      I don't do anything to offset costs. My site is strictly hobby. $60 a month isn't that bad anyways. I would rather pay $60 a month than pay $55 a month and have annoying banners. It just isn't worth it.

      Generating profit from a web site is a pot dream unless you have physical product to sell. Even then, it can be hard.


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        You seem to think advertising is a bad thing. This simply is not true. In fact targeted advertising done correctly adds value to the site and could be seen as a *service* to visitors. Take Site Point as an example. All their ads are targeted and of interest to the visitors they get. It was via Site Point banners that I discovered WebTrends Live, and also Atomz search. I certainly saw that as a service. - British expatriate community


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          Well, Jakeman, maybe our sites are different, but I have several hundreds of $$$ a month (155 mbit line [shared], dedicated server hardware, Traffic 15$/GB [and 50 GB+ per month]).

          It's a quite expensive hobby I have

          I agree, if one is running a board with only a couple of hundred users, 1/3 active, that's ok, you don't need banners on that board.
          In fact, I have a small fan web page where I have setup another vB and there is no advertising.


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            Firewire: I really hope you don`t pay 15$ per GB of traffic?
            You should look for another host for your dedicated then (look for 2-3$/GB)!


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              banners = evil


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                That's germany, mate, traffic costs $$$ (per GB).

                We don't have any "unlimited traffic" webhoster, I am a bit into the business myself.

                It's hard, it's ****, it's germany


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                  Yes, traffic is expensive in europe. Here in austria costs 1GB transfer $40-50
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                    im in the UK... here bandwidth is pretty steep too, thats why I use a US host...


                    $3 per Gb.. great host (many users here use them)
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                      Here is how we (SitePoint Pty. Ltd.) makes money off of our site.

                      1. On the main network, we sell targetted advertising that fits our demographics. This advertising is currently administered through a third party for unbiased numbers and records. Advertising rates go from $35 to $50 CPM. Each page has 2 banner ads.

                      2. On the front index page ( we sell three text/graphic ad combos. These are static ads and are paid by a straight monthly fee running from $1050 to $4200 a month depending on the slot. There are three slots.

                      3. Each of our newsletters has two ad slots. The top one sells for $50/CPM and the bottom one sells for $35/CPM

                      4. We sell sponsorhips for our Avant Go channel based on active users. I think this is $2.00 per user.

                      5. We sell set sponsorships for our Community. Previously we had one sponsor over the whole forum setting. Starting this month we will have 3. This is a flat fee per month ranging from $500 to $1500 depending on the category.

                      6. Services listings. We offer targetted placed ads from the best in the business. Fees vary widely depending on what the customer wants but the basics are $1.00/Click Through.

                      7. PostMaster Direct signups. These are opt-in advertising lists with millions of users. For each person who signs up through us, we get monthly recurring revenue. This is integrated into our forum and newsletter signup process.

                      8. SitePoint designs, implements, and hosts websites for other companies in the Melbourne area. These are medium to large scale websites averaging about $10,000 to $50,000 (US).

                      9. We are rolling out a series of products. The first of which is an eBook called "Webmastery" and is selling fairly briskly at $29.99 (US) a copy. More will follow.

                      10. We have other ideas to use our expertise to creating income. One of which is a possible membership program where for a set monthly fee, a member would get all of SitePoints articles printed in full color and mailed to them at the beginning of the month. Could include special offline articles as well.

                      We draw people to our sites through partnerships and targetted advertising on and off line. You will see our content in syndication at for one. We also provide a free daily tip feed that webmasters can put on their site that brings in a fair amount of traffic.
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                      Wayne Luke
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                        Originally posted by Philipp
                        Yes, traffic is expensive in europe. Here in austria costs 1GB transfer $40-50
                        Australia probably has one of the highest bandwidth costs get this AUD$0.25 - 0.50/GB!!! that's like AUD$256 - 512/GB !!!!!!
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                          I agree that banner ads can be very effective if targeted well to the audience. I have even traded advertising for stuff I needed, which works out quite well for both parties. Give it a whirl.

                          I run my site as a club, and the members are all sharing a common interest. Recently my members raised $3500.00 over a two week period to pay for expenses +. They have also gotten me over $1600 as a Christmas gift over the last couple years. It completely amazes me that people are willing to take care of the service, but as many of you know, you're providing a valuable service to them. I appreciate every one of my members for the help, and in return, I give them all I can when I'm not doing what pays the bills.


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                            cobradude, thats very nice to hear.
                            I guess my audience is a little bit more "demanding"

                            Wheeee, I wanna get gifts, too *whine*

                            But this leads me to another question:
                            How many people are working on your boards?
                            wluke sounds really professional, whereas I believe many of us still do their boards as a hobby (I do).

                            What do you think?


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                              I run ads, and I have a PayPal account that some members donate through. I've probably gotten about $300 - $400 through the PayPal link.

                              I'm need to move to a dedicated server, but I want to make sure I can pay for it. I need to make $200 - $300 monthly for 3 or 4 months before I'll consider moving to a dedicated.

                              I just signed up w/ Burst!, and April was good, I made about $200 in just the second half. So far this motnth they are only serving about 1,000 paid impressions per day, versus 15,000 - 16,000 default non-paid campaigns.

                              I really need to start selling some ad space privately. $35 - $50 CPM sounds rather attractive at this point .

                              My site started as a hobby, and still is, but I can't lose money on it. I'm not in the financial position to throw money away like that. I'm not looking to make money, just to not lose any .



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