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D-Link vs Linksys

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  • D-Link vs Linksys

    What do you think is the better brand? D-link of Linksys? Feel free to post why.
    Don't know

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    Stick with NetGear...
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      Linksys > NegGear > D-Link

      I actually have a router for each of the 3 brands, and have the receivers/NIC' mixed as well,with one from each.
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        D-Link is quality
        Linksys is cheap crap
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          I prefer Linksys. It has always been plug and play. Bought a D-Link network card once and it wouldn't work in my computer. Don't know why, D-Link support doesn't know why. Windows wouldn't recognize it on my computer or theirs so it must have been some sort of hardware failure. I returned it for my money since D-Link sent me back the unworking card and didn't even replace it.

          When I was working with Protection One, the developers had Netgear switches in their cubicles because we had 5 and 6 computers each. Mine would always lose connection to the network and cause lost work. It had to be reset at least 4 times a day.

          All I use now is Linksys. Don't even look at other brands for networking components. My Linksys router/switch is 4 years old and still works great. Currently it fits all my needs but will most likely move to an 8 port router/switch point in the next six months. Only problem I have had with a Linksys router is the one that was powering my parent's home network. However it got fried in a lightning storm because it wasn't on a surge protector. Their fault, not mine. I currently maintain 6 SOHO networks for friends and family. All of them use Linksys products.
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            Have reviewed
            Netgear WGR614, WGR624 and WPN824IS and i like them all.
            D-Link 804, 604, dont like them as much, both my 804 and 604 broke after just one year of use.

            Havent used Linksys but a friend of mine says that they are pretty good, even better then Netgear and D-Link. One thing that Linksys does that Netgear and D-Link doesnt is to release firmwares with _new_ features, so if you have a Linksys from 2003 you can upgrade the firmware and get support WPA for instance. Thats caring about the customer!

            If you are looking for high-speed wireless, i read a review in Tomshardware, were they said that Netgear Rangemax MIMO wasnt "true" MIMO but the Linksys MIMO was. But on the other hand there was a little diffrence in speed and the Netgear had better range then the Linksys.

            Im currently doing a review on Netgears RangeMax router, pc card and pci-card, so I will have some more hard facts in about a week or two
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              Correction to the Netgear MIMO, they have two products that fall under the MIMO category (at least what they branded it as).

              RangeMax and this one ->
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                Linksys every time
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                  My old D-Link router was a piece of crap and my old D-Link access point was the worst piece of hardware and software that I have ever used. My new Linksys router is different like day and night.
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                    The day I buy my AirPort station my D-Link is going out a window, if that's any indication of my choice.


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                      I believe Linksys networking stuff is produced by Cisco, although I've not had the same reliability from Linksys equipment. I still vote them over d-link though.
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