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We love vbfans! And pyro wants to hump Deus!

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  • We love vbfans! And pyro wants to hump Deus!

    #vbfans is the awesomest place!!

    [22:29] ATI4EVER: I want to download and install vbulletin 1
    [22:30] derekivey: k guess not Deus
    [22:30] network: vBStyle Style 008 - Blue Breeze Released! ( - Forum: Style Downloads, and Demo Information
    [22:30] Deus: derekivey?
    [22:30] derekivey: ?
    [22:31] Deus: i missed what you said
    [22:31] Deus: was doing something
    [22:31] derekivey: wanted to see if u could take a look
    [22:31] derekivey: at it
    [22:31] Deus: yea drop a link in pm
    [22:32] * MidnightPyro humps Deus with opened fly
    [22:32] Chroder: ...
    [22:32] ATI4EVER: omg
    [22:32] MidnightPyro:
    [22:32] ATI4EVER: !!!
    [22:32] MidnightPyro: Deus is a girl,r ight?
    [22:32] * ATI4EVER thrusts hips
    [22:32] ATI4EVER: I dont think so?
    [22:32] Chroder: like you care, MidnightPyro
    [22:32] MidnightPyro: ...
    [22:32] MidnightPyro:
    [22:32] Chroder: ;P
    [22:32] *** MidnightPyro has signed off IRC (Local kill by Deus (ERm, no.)).
    [22:33] Chroder: lol
    [22:33] Chroder: haha
    [22:33] ATI4EVER: lol
    [22:33] *** MidnightPyro has joined #vbfans.
    [22:33] Chroder: pwnt
    [22:33] MidnightPyro: You can host my web anytime, Deus!
    [22:33] MidnightPyro: prrr..
    [22:33] MidnightPyro: oh wait
    [22:33] derekivey: Deus wat do u need to look at?
    [22:33] MidnightPyro: he's not a girl
    [22:33] MidnightPyro: nevermind
    [22:33] derekivey: theres like nothin to see
    [22:33] ATI4EVER: I want to run vbulletin 1
    [22:33] Deus: just wanna see what problem your having
    [22:33] Deus: try and help you fix it
    [22:33] derekivey: I told u the prob
    [22:33] derekivey: u didnt no at all
    [22:34] derekivey: I'll send a ss
    [22:34] Deus: its just better in live time man
    [22:34] Deus: why make it so hard. >.<
    [22:34] derekivey: y lol
    [22:34] derekivey: u tried earlier
    [22:34] MidnightPyro: penos.
    [22:34] Deus: i wasn't even on your server
    [22:34] Deus: so how i could i try
    [22:34] derekivey: I no...
    [22:35] Deus: that was dirty MidnightPyro
    [22:35] ATI4EVER:
    [22:35] Deus: you better hope to hell noone posts that
    [22:35] MidnightPyro:
    [22:35] Deus: or death will come earily to you
    [22:35] ATI4EVER: i have an idea

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    LMAO haha. Can't believe you posted that lol. Pyro got pwned lol.
    <Onimua> Congrats Chroder
    <Onimua> You're a daddy.
    <Chroder> eh
    <Onimua> :)
    <Chroder> uh oh


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      And some updates...

      [22:35] ATI4EVER: i have an idea
      [22:35] derekivey: lol
      [22:36] ATI4EVER: ok I coppied it...
      [22:36] ATI4EVER: now...
      [22:36] ATI4EVER: oh boy!
      [22:36] Deus: ./akill
      [22:37] Deus: ;p
      [22:37] Deus: j/k
      [22:37] ATI4EVER:
      [22:37] derekivey: lmao!
      [22:37] derekivey: haha
      [22:38] Deus: ATI4EVER: remove it now.
      [22:38] MidnightPyro:
      [22:38] ATI4EVER: Deus: No?
      [22:38] MidnightPyro: what's wrong with it?
      [22:39] Deus: Wait till floris sees it
      [22:39] MidnightPyro: haha
      [22:39] Chroder: probably better psoted at vbfans irc forum, not vbcom
      [22:39] MidnightPyro: it's on VBFans
      [22:39] MidnightPyro: er
      [22:39] MidnightPyro: vBcom
      [22:39] ATI4EVER: so?
      [22:39] ATI4EVER: lol


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        Seems I got owned for posting this...

        Connecting to vBFans IRC Server (6667)
        -vBFans IRC Server- *** Looking up your hostname...
        -vBFans IRC Server- *** Found your hostname, cached
        -vBFans IRC Server- *** Checking Ident
        -vBFans IRC Server- *** No Ident response
        You have been Autokilled.
        -vBFans IRC Server- *** You are not welcome on this network.
        -vBFans IRC Server- *** Autokilled for [Deus] NDA (2005/09/08 20.49)
        -vBFans IRC Server- *** Your hostmask is [email protected]<masked>
        -vBFans IRC Server- *** Your IP is <removed>
        -vBFans IRC Server- *** For assistance, please email abuse [at] vBulletin [dash] Fans [dot] com and include everything shown here.
        Closing Link: ([Deus] NDA (2005/09/08 20.49))
        * Disconnected

        Last edited by Floris; Thu 8 Sep '05, 6:57pm.


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          We've asked you to not post chat logs on this web site and to place it on vbfans irc chat forum, that's what it is there for. This crap doesn't fit the vbcom web site.

          If you kids can NOT behave (like I told you yesterday already) you're not welcome on the chat. We have no age limit, and therefor we expect people to behave.


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            Let me reiterate what Floris said - do *not* post this stuff on our forums anymore. Thank you.
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