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Need some help finding some information on US Budget

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  • Need some help finding some information on US Budget

    I am doing some research on the United States Federal Budget from the year 1992-Current.

    Information I would like to see for those years include:

    Total expected Expenses
    Those expected Expenses broken down
    Total expected revenue
    This Revenue broken down

    Actual Expenses and Revenue.

    By broken down I mean what exactly the government budgeted for spending in those years. Programs etc etc.

    Also is there anyway to also find the total amount of aide given to other countries from 1992-2005? Broken down by amount to each country and reason for the aide of course.

    I am doing this research for a section on my new website I am close to releasing, just waiting on a friend that is going to help with it to send me half the money for the vBulletin license so I may get it released to the public! The forum is laid out and ready to go, I can't wait.

    Thanks for any help.

    Edit: I have found from 1997-Current
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