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Hello everyone Can you all please help me come up with a good business name?

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    Maybe want to see how many ppl will act like jerks and which do a little help.
    I go to microsoft/chat and not everyonr their talks about problems with OS.
    People do asks strange things and leave after they get the question answered but to knock someone down for asking for help that is not related to vb then what is the point of Chit-Chat.
    Before I got my lic. vB I came here to see what the ppl were like and ask what kind of support they have. That is how come I got the lic. plus it had other free things you can addon from

    Back to topic.

    If it is dragon names then here is a list of them.


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      would have been "ok" if someone else called her a spammer but when a jelsoft employee acts that way on the company boards i find it highly unprofessional

      mods/employees/reps should always be held to a higher standard

      out of all the mods, i find Floris as the most professional in his dealings with members of this forum which is kind of ironic that he would reply like that

      guess no ones perfect


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        Okay here's the deal...

        Thank you to those who did try to help and stood up for me. However there are obviously some ppl who just dont want me here so I am going to go somewhere else with my question and try to get help else where. I just went to yahoo and typed in forums. I thought chit chat was something that I could go to and talk to ppl maybe even possibly get some help. But I guess some people just dont like that idea and want me to leave... so to those people that did try to help thank you... You all have fun with your forums... have a nice day