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I'm curious about the US welfare program...

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  • I'm curious about the US welfare program...

    Hey, does anyone know the answers to the following questions:
    • How much money goes to welfare?
    • How many people are in the welfare program?
    • How much does each person get?
    In Ronald Reagan's 1964 speech in support of Barry Goldwater, he said that the welfare program was given $45 billion a year by Congress and that it was enough to give each of the 9 million welfare recipents $4,600 a year. He also said that they received $600 a year and there must have been some overhead. I'm curious if we still have that overhead. Hence why I'm looking for those figures. I can't find them through.

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    Did it not change in 1996, in that states run their own now and it is not run though Federal anymore.

    But here is a link to something you are looking for. Almost all of what it was.


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      Thankyou. Unfortunately that does not provide me information on the welfare program. That mentions unemployment insurance and social security, both of which are separate from welfare.


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        Did you click on the bottom navagation for links to what you are looking for.


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          I've already searched the website and couldn't find the data I wanted.


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            I was reading this and it seems that individual states have their own system for calulating amount for each person and what is transfered to them from feds.

            more info on same link.

            For more recent you could ask for the info @ your nearest USA goverment office.
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              Each state is given a disbursement by the Federal Government for Welfare related programs. They determine how much each recipient gets depending on cost of living and other factors. This however is for monetary outlays. There are also programs such as foodstamps and Section 8 housing which are still administered by the federal government. Foodstamps are the easiest. A family of 3 in California gets at least $210 in foodstamps every month. It can be more depending on the county you live in. If you have children in the household, you can qualify for AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependant Children) and a family of 3 gets about $640 per month. If you do not have children, you can qualify for General Relief. General Relief is for singles only and you get $120 a month in California plus food stamps and room vouchers. For General Relief you have to work 40 hours every month at an approved facility to earn your money (yeah it is $3/hour). Section 8 housing will pay up to 90% of your monthly housing costs, a family of 3 gets $1200/month towards housing. So taking all that together, and they get $2000 a month roughly for a family of three. They will also qualify for Medi-Cal insurance through the state. This is full coverage insurance including dental and eyecare.

              Also in California, you can only be on Welfare for two years at a time and something like 10 years lifetime. This limit doesn't include Medi-Cal insurance, foodstamps or section 8 housing. There is also a legal requirement to pay back any monies earned through welfare in California but I don't think they have ever tried to collect. Once they start working they can apply for supplemental welfare if their monthly income is not high enough. This is dependant on what they make though. The state gives tax breaks to businesses who hire welfare recipients in full-time positions.
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