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Notifing your non posting members?

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  • Notifing your non posting members?

    I was wondering how others out there handle their non posting members? What I don't want is an inflated number like on some sites where it doesn't reflect the user base because some no longer post. Therefore, I sent an email (a nice one) to those that haven't posted in 90 days or visited our site. Basically, it stated since user x hasn't posted in 90 days or visited our site we must assume you no longer wish to have a forum membership with us and we will terminate the account automatically unless posted to in 14 days.

    Well, I got 9 emails from some that said they hated "having to post" in a time period and "there was nothing to reply to". All I can say is if you haven't visited a web site in 3 months or posted in that time, then you don't really care and just want to complain. Some users in fact have "0" posts since even signing up as a member and complained.

    How can a community or site be built if the members don't post? I wanted to terminate the accounts of my non visitors and posters because they were basically worthless anyway. Just wondering how others out there do the same thing and if you ever get user complaints when you do this?

    Thanks for any suggestions.


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    I have tons of members with zero posts. When I first started my forums that annoyed me since the total registered number actually mattered to the overall forums since they were just starting. But I don't even pay attention to it any more. It all depends on your preference.


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      As long as you can view and read the forums without registering, I don't understand what the complaint is. You're taking up wasted resources on my server when your membership is there not being used, so why should I leave your account?


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        I use a general rule for deleting accounts:

        7 days for non-activated accounts
        60 days for non-visiting, 0 post count members
        120 days for non-visiting, previous posters

        I like keeping an "active" member count


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          I think what you said is the most accurate account. It's kind of link this, if you have say 1000 members and only 100 are talking (starting new topics, asking questions, etc) and the others aren't, then those 900 others are basically not members. This could also be thought of entering a chat room and yet nobody talks. I mean, what's the point of being a member if you are never going to post, ask a question, etc. You have to cut your dead members somewhere or they are just a number and nothing more.

          Another prime example is another site I work on. There, we have about 20,000 members and have about 90 percent activity from them. We cut a good 1000+ a month because of not posting or other problems. The number of posts we get are a good 1000+ a day. All my point is if no one ever posted we would never have those posts or type of activity. It's the members that make the forum and either they are active or not. They have such a high membership rate that it's easy to get good users. I think that's the key, drive the traffic and keep your good ones while weeding out your non active ones.

          Like you said, I too don't understand when a user complains like they did when I sent out the emails. They never posted to my site anyway. Did they even bother to read the rules and know they can read the posts without being a member? It's kind of ironic that those that aren't ever active end up complaining when they get a "time out" notice.

          Best Regards,



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            I don't have a problem with "lurkers". We have a lot of information on our boards and I know that a lot of people aren't there to "participate" but to get ideas. I also know that a good number of my current active members wer long time lurkers at one point as well.

            I think that if people visit your site consistently then they should be treated as members. For my members who have more than 20 posts, they have access to more features and forums which gives them incentive to start "talking".

            But I'd never threaten a "lurker" that their account would be removed. They obviously just aren't ready to "talk" yet but really like the content of your board.


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              I have registered members who have been such for over a year and have yet to post, but they still visit on a regular basis.

              If you're going to do a mass prune, don't base it on the last post date, base it on the last visit date.

              I would not recommend pruning, though, unless your membership is huge.


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                Martin, at what point is *huge* though. At HS, we have nearly 11k members. The thing is, the gals come through there and leave within 3 months, most of the time, but they also come back from time to time just to say hello. However, I'm thinking that if you've been a member of our board for 4 months and have 0 posts, what's the point of my keeping your membership? We don't require members to register to view the boards, so I'd say that's a pretty safe bet that they're never going to post. It sure would be nice to have a mass delete option in the control panel for instances like that.


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                  just because a person never posts doesn't make them not valuable. someone who takes the time to register and remains a lurker is valuable in that they tell their friends, rack up pageviews, etc, etc.

                  I had one lurker who recently posted for the first time after 6 months of registered lurking and her posts have generated a lot of other posts.

                  like I said before, if I were to do a mass prune, it would be based on last visit, not last post.


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                    I get rid of the ones who don't post and don't visit. I might not have a *lot* of members, but the ones who are there are active, very active. I can understand joining and lurking, since you get all the benefits like subscribing to threads and the board "remembering" when you were last on. But if the sign-up date and time is exactly the same as the last-visit date and time, it's obvious they aren't interested.


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