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So which are you - PSX3 or XB360 ?

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  • So which are you - PSX3 or XB360 ?

    Last time i bought a console was July 97 i think, PSX1, early model, i enjoy'd very much, got it chip'd, play'd lots of nice games from Japan...very cool, missed the PSX2 boat though... i was getting too old for this kinda thing right?...naaa

    Now the PSX3 is almost upon us... Cells, Nvidia, Blue Ray (copy your 50gig games with ease....yeah riiiight) <- not that i recommend that!

    Even though i know the dude who wrote the Project Gotham series (certainly a far way from the endless hours writting games in our bedrooms on the C64) i don't think i was really that impressed with the Xbox... but again it's all about the games.

    anyways, who remembers the ZX80?...81? Speccy? Acorn? BBC Model B? Lynx? Amstrad CPC464? C64? .... ooh i loved those days, i tried my hand at writting games in those days along with Martyn... i did ok to... skipped school alot to do it though... endless hours showing off in Dixons in the Highstreet writing demos to annoy the Dixons Staff who would occasionally cut me off with a single flip of a power switch...

    Anyone remember a software company for the spectrum named 'MicroGen'? (wallys world etc) - They had a computer shop in Bracknell (Town next door to Ascot where Jelsoft is) i would spend hours composing demos for each machine just to have a MicroGen developer push me to one side and say "hey check this new demo/routine/game out"...

    Of course now i live in Japan, have my own Games Software company and earn millions...."You swine Mr Chuddley"... but silly me at the age of 18 decided that Computers were not going anywhere and i followed the path of 'wine, woman & song'... dredded my hair and moved to Israel...

    what a berk..
    anyways, so who are are? Sonyite or a Microman?


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    Playstation 3.. Can't wait for GranTurismo 5 on Playstation 3
    That's the end of that!


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      PlayStation 3 for me.

      Can't wait!
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          PS3 as of now. May switch to the nintendo Revolution instead. No way I'm buying an XB360 even if the others all go mysteriously bankrupt and its the only one left. They screwed me over this generation. But thats another story.


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            Xbox 360 for me (Premium package).


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              PS3 for me, which is ironic because I hate the PS2 and like my Xbox. The Xbox 360 doesn't do anything for me.
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                  Neither, VIVA LA REVOLUTION!


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                    Nintendo Revolution, PS3 and I am sure one of the people I live with will purchase XB360.

                    The new XB360 is in no benefit to me (but cool none-the-less), and I really like the feature set PS3 has coming out. I am getting Revolution cause I am one of those hardcore Zelda fans.


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                      Hmmm... Probably eventually get both. Right now the only console that has a guaranteed spot in the house is the Nintendo Revolution. We have more family games on the Gamecube than we have titles for the PS2 and XBOX combined. After that it will come down to gameplay and fun value. I get more fun out of my XBOX than I do my PS2 at this time. The XBOX is however relegated to Mature games which my children are not allowed to play. The rumored $400 pricetag for the PS3 would relegate it to the last to be purchased and it depends on the games available for it. Right now I only see two games for the PS3 that I am interested in. The Final Fantasy project and I-8 (from Insomniac).
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                        It's going to be the Playstation 3 for me


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                          If the PS3 looked like the Revolution, I'll buy it. Right now, it looks like crap. Seems to me as if the Nintendo designers designed the PS3 while Sony's designers designed the Revolution.

                          All I want to do is play Halo 3! All day long!!!!


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                            Originally posted by DirectPixel
                            If the PS3 looked like the Revolution, I'll buy it. Right now, it looks like crap. Seems to me as if the Nintendo designers designed the PS3 while Sony's designers designed the Revolution.

                            All I want to do is play Halo 3! All day long!!!!
                            I don't really mind the design of the consol itself, it's the controller that I have a problem with


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                              Xbox 360 over here. There's no possible way I can go any more time without a Perfect Dark game in my hands, and I can only imagine what Halo 3 will be like *drools*

                              PS3, I have yet to see any games that interest me for the launch window, so I'll wait until either MGS4 or GT5 come out before I get it.

                              MGM out


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