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  • A year and a half ago...

    In the beginning were UltimateBBs. And they were good, but expensive to get. Then, VBulletin appeared. It made getting bulletin boards simple. He saw that it was good. And there was much rejoicing. And then there was light. And He saw that it was good.

    But the Infopoop (formerly Medusa's Bark)* got greedy and hungry with a whole bunch of business accountants and put the kibosh on the fun. And a time of great darkness began.

    Out of that darkness a veritable constellation of options began to appear. And that’s where the VBulletin came in, offering their aid as the shepherd to getting the ultimate php board you want with less hassle. And there was, again, much rejoicing.

    Actually, this post is about my great revelation with VBulletin--it has saved me a hassle! A year and a half-ago, I turned to the light--VBulletin. And then there was light.

    I do hope you realize that I mesmerized you with a rhetorical device--allusions, *cackles madly*...

    "Muwhahahahaha," cried I.
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    As I am doing this so-called Star Wars thing, I might as well do it right . Included is a music you should read the post with.


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      Originally posted by Myriad
      A year and a half-ago, I turned to the light--VBulletin. And then there was light.
      I thought VBulletin was only a year old??


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        1.5 years sounds a bit too much to me. I purchased it on May 12th 2000, and that was about a month or two after it was launched.


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          I bought vBulletin almost exactly a year ago. I believe it was only 3 or 4 weeks after it was launched. It was of course available as the PHP hack for the UBB before that.

          Funny that Infopop hasn't even asked me if I want to upgrade their leased license that I bought 3 weeks before I bought vBulletin!
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            I believe vB launched in Mid April last year.


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              I only wish I would have found the damn light before I spent two forty nine for a months worth of ............. Well, I'll leave it at that.
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                Where is that song from exactly? I'm assuming somewhere in the Star Wars universe since you mentioned it. Which title?


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                  That theme song is from Batman Returns, when penguin is running away from the cops.


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