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  • Need puter help

    Ok I got big problems with my main PC and I am at my wits end with it.

    I installed ubuntu linux last night, durring the install I paritioned off 20 GB on my C: drive for ubuntu. This also ment that I had to shrink the NTFS winxp partition by 20 GB.

    Grub was installed by ubuntu to allow dual-booting..

    Last night I could boot into both OS's no problem, I left the pc to go to bed while logged into xp. I get up this morning and my pc is at the ubuntu login screen (meaning it rebooted by itself at night).

    I tried rebooting back into XP only to get a STOP error (0x0000007b), I rebooted again to the last known working config for xp and I was able to log in and do whatever I needed.

    While I was googling for a fix for my boot error the pc rebooted itself, only this time it never made it back to the memory test...

    That is where I am stuck at now, the pc is on but it won't boot. HDD led is lit and thats about it.

    Anyway faced this problem before? I've already tried resetting the CMOS with a jumper and no luck, I also tried booting it with an hdd connected with no luck. What am I to do?

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    While this may not be the primary cause, I've seen plenty of issues where auto-rebooting of the PC is due to the power supply going bad. I know others could easily disagree and state it is something other than the PS, though I've had 3 power supplies go out on me, all signaling the same: auto-reboot.

    Each time, the screen flashes back to the "How would you like to continue" screen Windows XP throws up (i.e. as normal, safe mode etc).

    Is the power supply relatively new or have you had it for a while? When it was booting, normally that is, did power seem low in areas? Have you dual-booted with both OS's before and ran into any problems?

    I've never dual booted personally, I have a *NIX machine an 2 windows XP machines but I've never heard of such an issue with friends of mine who have dual booted various time.


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      Shutdown, Pull the CMOS battery out for a few minutes, then put it back in and reboot.

      Does it post then??
      Microsoft Beta Team


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        Mines been randomly rebooting itself this week then stuck ina similar position.

        I found a decent whack to the side of the tower unit in the vicinity of the HDD's brought it back to life. Might be worth a try.


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