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Any devices that boost WiFi (802.11g) Signal?

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    WiFi Speed Spray

    Dear Arunan,

    I've found that WiFi Speed Spray is the most effecting in situations like these.

    Thanks for listening,


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      Originally posted by jpm777
      The info on the one I posted above is a power boosted antenna, not just a larger or higher gain antenna. It actually boosts the signals power and it has three power settings. I used one of these in a large house where there was no signal in one side of the house and most of the back yard. After installing this booster, I had good signal in all of the house and back yard.

      tgillespie, this would work good for your friend. This fixed the same problem for me as your friend is having. Again, this is not just a higher gain antenna, it actually boosts the signal. Think of the distance a garden hose can shoot water compared to a fire hose. This boosts the signal and "Throws" if farther to cover a larger area.
      Thanks, this is probably the best solution for me at this time. I will check it out. Where did you buy it? How much did it end up costing you?


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        Originally posted by DirectPixel

        They do sell higher-gain antennas, though. And as of recently, many wireless routers are beginning to sport removable/replaceable antennas.
        I have a BEFW11S4 version 1.0 (first gen 802.11b) that I replaced two days ago and it sports removable antennas.


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          homegrown solution, can antenna

          try this, if youre up to it:

          I have a DI 524 and am prolly going with this solution.