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  • Women suck

    Maybe I'm just bitter because the last 3 women I've asked out have stood me up, the latest one being yesterday evening.

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    A wiseman once said: "if you're paying, you never get stood up". If you get tooo frustrated, you may want to look into it .



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      Originally posted by JimF
      A wiseman once said: "if you're paying, you never get stood up". If you get tooo frustrated, you may want to look into it .

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        JimF: Let me paraphrase something Ernest Hemmingway said ... (and make it PG13)

        Men don't pay women to be with them, they pay them to leave afterwards


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          Most computer geeks dont have luck with the girls


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            I forget who said this but here goes:

            "The only difference between sex for money, an sex for free, is sex for money usually ends up being cheaper"


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              Well, with comments like "women suck"....


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                hehe no joke. Are you sure she doesnt read this forum?

                Dont put yourself in a position to be stood up. Get her address ask her if its alright if you stop by and set a time. Bring some wine (or coolaid depending on your age ) and just let her know you like her. Dont try to be a tuff guy either cause most ladies dont like that

                Oh and if you really want to do some research, read over me2be's forum. Your bound to learn everything you need to know about females there


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                  I don't do all that kind of stuff like stopping by her house with a gift or something. I'm not like that. I actually don't do gifts at all. I just ask women out to dinner and a movie because it's good company and I have nothing better to do except romp around on message boards.

                  Oh well... It's not the emotions of it all that have me frustrated, I don't get emotional like that. It's the principal of it. I take time to get spruced up, buy a couple movie tickets before hand, reserve seating at some restaurant and I can't even reach them on the phone. It's like, duh, we talked about this last weekend and I see you every day at work where we talked about what movie to go see and stuff.

                  I hate this indirect BS that women do. I'm all about direct communication. They stand me up and then they make an effort to avoid talking to me from that point on (I can always tell from the look on their face or their tone when I talk to them afterwards). It's like, why are you acting so shy and weird around me? You wanna go out next weekend then? No? You have plans? How about the weekend after that? Ok then, what time is good for you? If you don't want to do anything with me just tell me. I won't get hurt if you tell me that. My self-esteem is way too high to be hurt by anyone or anything (that's another thing about me). Try talking to me! Screw you then, I got better things to do than play sharads (omg, I know I butchered that word). I can get together with other people or work on my web site or something. Just don't committ, flake out, and let the whole situation die unresolved because you can't freakin talk to some one. That's total BS. You got nothing I need, I just like you and I want to know you better. If you don't feel the same way just say so. I got better things to do.

                  Anyways, I have wasted far too much valuable time being annoyed by this situation. I work with this latest girl. I'll talk to her next time we work together. We'll see how this one handles it. Maybe she was just busy with something else, who knows. But if the pattern starts repeating itself again...


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                    Originally posted by upperking
                    Most computer geeks dont have luck with the girls
                    According to my wife most girls don't have luck with computer geeks either


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                      I guess im lucky then, Im a computer geek for a couple months and then back to my construction work for the rest of the year


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                        that's what I'm talking about!

                        hehe. I hope this isn't considered inappropriate. I think it's more funny than inappropriate. See attachment:


                        hmmm, 5k too big... I'll put it on my webserver and post a link tonight. In the mean time I'll leave you guys in suspense. hehe.
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                          Yes they do suck, and I speak from experience (actually, both genders suck in their own ways, but for sake of arguement...hehe).

                          Thing is, don't get into a situation where you CAN get stood up. For instance, pick her up instead of meeting her there.

                          Besides, chicks that stand you up aren't good enough for you. Be the optimist - don't let it get ya down. There's like 32894710923847109238412347 women out there, and I'm sure that just 1% of that is more than enough for one guy to look for.

                          For tension release, please read some pluhbabe reviews where my team and I put females up on a pedistal and judge them solely on their looks - - hopefully that will ease your pain. Helps me everytime I feel heartache from the lady...

                          Back to stupid reality... (DOH!)
                 (random nonsense) - (my stupid band) - (AZ local music site) -


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                            Not to plug my own forums... Ah... Who am I kidding?!

                            If you want to crawl inside a woman's head and find out what they're thinking, pop over to my forums. Except, for the most part, these are smart chickies (and men) who don't play mind games and say what they mean. But we've been known to dish out some excellent advice (and not just on the internet dating stuff...)

                            For every time I've heard guys say that women suck, I've heard women say that men suck. The fact is... all people suck, until you find the right one. (And I am soooo biting my tongue not to make an offcolor remark here... )


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                              The Girlfriend Remote!

                              ok, the picture I tried to attach above. All I can say is, wow... if I had one of these.



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