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How does vBulletin compare to UBB?

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    FYI, anyone looking for the UBB Dev thread I posted above, the one that included a nasty reply from Charles at Infopop, will not be able to reach it. Seems that UBB Dev decided to remove the entire thread and apparently at Charles' request.

    Now, Chris, to reply to your question: "Can I ask what kind of traffic you are expecting and your server specs? I'd just like to make sure vB will perform well in your enviroment."

    My server:
    Dell PowerEdge 2300, dual processors (450 Mhz, 512k cache, each),1 gig of RAM, two hard drives (9.1 GB LVD SCSI, each), Red Hat Linux 6.1 (I believe it is 6.1).

    My traffic:
    27100 registered members ( I delete inactive users every 60 days.)
    140 forums.
    page views from May 1 to 8: 1,665,276

    Thanks for looking these specs over and giving me your advice!
    Online for over 10 years which just about makes me a grand-daddy in this industry!


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      Daunting templates?

      Originally posted by Dave#

      My only other VB gripe is the standard style of the VB templates particularily in VB2. Tables and coulors are coded fairly tightly meaning that without template editing (which can be daunting) VB2 may not look the way that you may like.

      I disagree. The changing of vB's templates may be daunting to a person who has never used or built standard html, but if you have, it's hardly daunting. In fact, I changed vb to match my whole site in an hour. The template system vB uses is the best I have ever seen. The ability to revert back to the original should give a great "go ahead and try me" feeling to anyone. Even a novice at html. I do however have another script installed that is well known and it has no template editing features in the CP. All editing is done one template at a time, off the web, reuploaded etc.... This is the norm. I would at a point start thinking of this as daunting after having the vB CP.
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        Originally posted by tubedogg
        Just because you said that, Dave, I'm gonna show you something. (You're in for it now, right? ) This is my helper's board. It looks exactly like a UBB because it was imported from one, but that's another story. Anyway my point is, every single template is the default. The only thing changed was the colors (and the icons and smilies).

        You can also look at
        Don't quote me, but I think Kier did that with just the header, headinclude, and colors.
        Damn! I spent hours getting mine to look like UBB in Beta1.
        That was before Kier fixed all the borders and templates though. - British expatriate community


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          Originally posted by dkg
          Thanks for looking these specs over and giving me your advice!
          Yes, with your server I think vB will perform very well.... you'll need to tune some MySQL parameters first, but when you're ready to convert you can post your information in the Server Config forum and I will help you set those up.


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