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    Originally posted by Nukey
    That's what essentially all of my pics are hehe.
    might try to do some professional pics when I am in london next week, never know I might get some pics if my train blows up


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      Originally posted by patriotcow
      might try to do some professional pics when I am in london next week, never know I might get some pics if my train blows up

      Not something to joke around about.


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        Originally posted by Arunan

        Not something to joke around about.
        I knew somone would say that, lighten up its better than being sad and afraid. Anyway don't talk about this now this is photography and if I want to joke and be happy I will thanks its not like I am laughing at what happened is it.

        I am going london on sunday by train/underground. If there is an accident on that day just remember me
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          I must be frustrated I keep reading photography as pornography. Anyway, my pictures are taken using my phone, need to get a new camera (gave my last one away :S)

          Now, some of these pictures I MAYBE shouldn't post but hey lifes no fun if you don't act silly at times

          Snail: I pee'd on in the loo then it surfaced and climbed out
          Yoda: WHAT CAN I SAY?!
          Blurr: I was drunk on the train :P (No really I was drunk)
          Hat: I am the Bee'Gee?
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            Here's a few I took in the past couple of weeks:
            These were taken with a Dimage Z3, cropped of course:


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              Originally posted by Kier
              tgillespie - some nice pics there, though a few pointers:

              Both 0685 and 0701 suffer from a lack of dynamic range - this is often easily fixed with a bit of tweaking in Photoshop using the Shadows and Highlights tool, or a Levels adjustment layer:

              [ATTACH]15423[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]15424[/ATTACH]

              I feel that 0678 would have been a much nicer shot had you recomposed slightly to fill the frame - right now it looks very much like you put the center focus point over their heads and snapped away. Try using focus-and-recompose, which involves putting the focus point over the item of interest and then recomposing the shot with the shutter button still half-pressed. When you're happy with the framing, then take the shot:

              Thank you a bunch for the pointers. I am on my parents computer for the week, so I don't have any tools to work with. I do agree that 685 and 701 have a very narrow range. One of the errors found in the S1, hopefully fixed in the S2. I get a lot of toned shots with the S1. Some come out looking unique and and some lack the vibrance which deters from the WOW affect. I even think my Dad's Olympus does a better job at color balance than the S1.

              As for 678, I didn't realize the white space until you pointed it out. I really appriciate the comments and its great to get feedback from a guru. Heading to DC at the beginning of August and then Mexico later in August. Prime opportunities to take some candids.
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                /me suddenly realizes the purpose of this thread is to entice the development team to release the gallery module of the upcoming CMS...
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                  I've posted a few more of mine at



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                    Kier makes Ogden2k feel bad with his Dimage Z3.

                    I'm hoping that the photography class I'm going to take next month will help.


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                      Like I said before, the greatest camera in the world can't take a decent picture by itself - it's all up to the person pointing the camera.


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                        Originally posted by Kier
                        Like I said before, the greatest camera in the world can't take a decent picture by itself - it's all up to the person pointing the camera.
                        True. That's why I'm hoping the class will help some. The problem I have is focusing. I like to take pictures with alot of sky (like the beach or fields) and I also like to take scenery photos.


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                          If you're taking a lot of landscape pictures but you find that they don't seem to be in focus, it could actually be that they are in focus, but your aperture setting might be too wide. Stopping down the aperture (larger F-stop number) allows a deeper area to be in sharp focus. This is called 'depth of field'.

                          In this shot you'll see that the entire frame is within the depth of field, from the foreground to the far background - this was due to using a wide angle lens and a fairly small (large number) aperture/F-stop.

                          On the other hand, using a long lens and a very wide aperture (small F-stop) you end up with only a small portion of the picture in sharp focus:


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                            You're making me look bad Kier Nice pictures. I don't have many manual functions that I can use on my camera. Most are auto. I try to make do though. I took a photography class at one point and I don't claim to be an expert or anything, but I know about the aperture/fstops and DOF. Some day I shall get an SLR where I can actually use them hehe.
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                              The Canon S1 IS (or its newer replacement, the S2 IS) have full manual options and are extremely good cameras for not a lot of money.


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