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  • I don't think I ever used the built-in flash on my 20D, and I definitely don't miss it now that I shoot with a 1D that has no pop-up flash.

    Do yourself a favour and get a 430EX and forget about nasty pop-up flash - seriously!


    • Originally posted by Kier View Post
      As many of you know, I'm recently back from my honeymoon (part 2, in my usual spot in the Maldives).

      This time my camera got a lot of attention, probably because I was carrying around the 1D with the big white 70-200 f/2.8 and the 2x teleconverter most of the time.

      Anyway, the long and the short of it was that a lot of people wanted copies of my pictures so I put up a page where people can view a selection, rather than email them to everyone. As a result, you can look too if you like...

      Post back here if you want to make a comment.
      Hope you had time to enjoy your honeymoon with Mrs. Darby as well Great shots and very much an inspiration to get out and shoot.

      Some of my favorites

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      • Canon has some excellent gear, top notch, in fact; if I hadn't alreayd had a decent investment in Nikon before I converted to digital (first SLR digital was the Nikon D1), then I would have gone Canon. Nikon always seem to be a bit behind Canon when it comes to technology and Canon already has several models using full-frame chips.


        • Few more shots with the 350D. Nothing complicated, but definately getting more comfortable with it.

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          • Nice pictures as usual. Regarding the last picture, you might have got a better exposure if you had changed your metering mode to center-weighted averaging - which is the mode I use by default these days.


            • Hey guys... this thread has been very helpful to me as I have been trying to decide between a new Nikon D200 and a Canon 30D. I have decided to go with the Nikon D200 because of lens selection (the 18-200 VR.. I mean c'mon.. can you say "good all-around" and my general liking of the feel and function scheme.

              And by the way... Kier... I really enjoyed your photo gallery you posted and went through each photo and enjoyed them. I can tell you have a really good eye and they are some beautiful pictures.

              So with that said, I thought I would ask what kind of flash cards you guys use? And also, how many do you carry around and how many RAW images can you hold on the cards you use? Have you noticed some are faster than others? Also, do you always carry an extra battery?

              I have had little experience with prosumer cameras.. but because I have had some experience with consumer grade, I am savvy enough to know a little of the basics besides the "prosumer"-only side.

              I am also interested in learning if you guys use any kind of lens filters like a UV-filter lens. I use them on my camcorders, but wasn't sure if people used them on their SLR's. Thanks for all your help and advice... I have enjoyed reading these posts.


              • Sounds like a good choice, kevinmanphp. The D200 is a fine camera (though definitely not my choice, I'm committed to the EOS system).

                My only slight concern is with your lens choice. A lens with a range of 18-200mm will always be an exercise in compromize - no lens manufacturer, not even the most expensive Carl Zeiss glass, can produce optimum quality over such a huge range of ultra wide to long tele. The maximum aperture too is a little disappointing - I'd pair an 18-200mm lens with a D70 or a more consumer-oriented camera. If you're going to pay the extra for the D200 doesn't it deserve some better glass? Personally I'd far rather go for a more limited range (perhaps in the 28-70mm range) with a fast constant aperture (maybe f/2.8) than go for a lens that will no doubt be very flexible, but probably won't do justice to the ten megapixel sensor in the D200.

                Just my thoughts

                Personally, my choice with your sort of budget would be the EOS 30D with the EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM lens - a real stunner.


                • Hey Kier,

                  I place a lot of weight on your suggestions, and I think you are dead right. However I have these demons telling me that I need a "two-lens" system for myself. And here is why...

                  I shoot a lot of conventions and confrences, where the action is fast and you never quite know where the next shot is going to come from. A big concern for me is traveling light and being able to walk around with one small bag for my SLR... as I also carry around a DV camcorder. I do A LOT of macro shots on small products, so a macro lens (50 or 60mm) is a must. But I don't have to have this in my quick holster per se... as it is more of a "specialty lens" for me.

                  Now what the 18-200 would provide me is the convenience and assuredness that whatever comes up at a moments notice, I can reach and shoot. If I had a smaller mid-range zoom of say 17-55mm and there was action a few hundred feet away from where I was standing that I needed to shoot (which unfortunately is quite common where I shoot), I don't think I would have the time to dig in my bag, pop off the 17-55mm and snap in the telephoto... make some adjustments and catch it before the shot is gone. I wish this were the case, but I think a '3 lens' system would be the detriment of me.

                  Hence, the connundrum I am in. I was originally going to purchase the Canon 30D... love the camera... love the IS... but the lens selection only allows the '3 lens' system for me. Which anyway, is too expensive (since I need IS for all lenses I buy). I can just barely afford a two lens system.

                  So I knew Nikon made a great camera with the D200... and after some looking... Viola! The 18-200mm VR (there is my vibration reduction). Now I have a lense that can give me the aforementioned with the stabilization. The lens has gotten some great reviews. Sure it is no prime, nor is it meant to beat out a tighter focal range lens... but for me... it was the only answer I knew and had.

                  If canon came out with a 18-200mm IS lens tomorrow... I'd buy the 30D first thing in the morning. But I need to make a purchase in the next week and I don't think I'll get that lucky. My pockets are stretched to the max (maybe even at the point of breaking)... but time is of essence and I gotta make a move.


                  • kevinmanphp - it sounds like you have carefully considered your options and come to a good solution. Good luck!


                    • Originally posted by Kier View Post
                      kevinmanphp - it sounds like you have carefully considered your options and come to a good solution. Good luck!
                      Hey Kier... boy I sure hope so! haha. I never thought buying a camera would be one of the toughest purchase decisions I have ever made. And the worst of it is it is so hard to actually find the stuff you want to buy. Nikon seems to have a bit of a production problem to say the least.

                      What is really bad is I am making all these decisions based on blind faith from a few nice people at these camera stores. One in particular actually was very disappointed when I told him I was moving towards the Nikon D200, because he himself had a 30D and loves it. While the other "camera gurus" told me that both cameras were equally excellent and that either way I wouldn't be giving up quality on either end. With the only main difference being that canon can shoot better in low-light... which isn't a primary concern.

                      So having never actually shot with either camera and loaded the raw images to a computer to compare, I am in a blind faith position here. Let me ask you a question Kier...

                      I really... REALLY like the quality of pictures in your Kuramathi gallery. If the Nikon D200 or the Canon 30D produced anything like those, I would be one happy pup. Since you are familiar with both the 30D and the 1D, do you find that the 30D can perform at the same level of image quality as the 1D? Particularly stopping action. Would you be able to stop that bat dead in it's track just like you did with the 1D? How about the other birds, dolphins etc. I love how sharp they came out and would hope the camera I purchased could do the same (with IS or VR of course).

                      Thanks so much for your help and opinion, as it is always nice to hear and opinion come from someone who is not trying to sell me something.

                      Thanks again.


                      • A photo I took recently, been playing around with macro a bit more.

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                        • Great picture! Can't imagine how difficult it must be to catch the bee.


                          • Kevinmanphp - Some of the shots on my gallery were only possible because of Canon's amazing low-light/high-ISO ability. This is a huge advantage over Nikon.

                            Objectively speaking, the Nikon (Sony) CCD sensors start to get an unacceptable amount of noise/grain at around ISO 800, while the most recent Canon CMOS sensors are still acceptably noise-free at ISO 1600, with ISO 3200 available if you really need it.

                            To get a shot like the bat pictures in my gallery you'll need extremely fast auto-focus tracking and the ability to shoot in relatively low light - both of these call for Canon. There's a reason why just about all the big lenses you see at the sports fixtures are white (Canon) and not black (Nikon and the rest).

                            The 30D has the same sensor as the 20D (IMG_8053.JPG on my gallery was taken with the 20D), which is a newer, more noise-free sensor than the one on the 1D Mark II N, so yes, the 30D will equal or even surpass the 1D2N as far as colour fidelity and noise is concerned.


                            • chrispadfield

                              That picture of exellent.


                              • Excellent photo, Chris. I've been trying to get some decent pictures of the veritable invasion of bees we have outside the house this summer but my 1D and the only lens that I'd consider reasonable for macro (my 24-70 f/2.8L) are both away at Canon being serviced...


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