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  • Working for Google

    Does anyone here work for Google (probably not, huh?), or has gotten an email from them regarding a possible job with them?

    Not even an hour ago, I received an email from Google, asking me if I would "consider exploring opportunities at Google"


    I was going through Dice and found your resume. I wanted to know if you we're still looking and if you would be open to exploring opportunities here at Google? Please give me a call or shoot me an e-mail to discuss. Have a great day!
    I called the recruiter, and he asked me to send me another copy of my resume, and what my salary requirements would be.

    I told him I wasn't entirely sure about salary requirements - it would depend on where the position was located, and what exactly it was. Itold him for sure, over $30,000/year (that's a good number, right?).

    I would LOVE to work for Google... they have awesome benefits for their employees.

    My heart still races at the thought! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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    Good luck to you!

    I applied once for a job at Google Germany but they told me I have to move to Hamburg to have any chances to get a job there
    That's the end of that!


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      If they paid nicely, I would love anywhere

      If its in Mt View, then I would have to either live in the "hood" or live there in the office in order to work there LOL Even in the bad part of town, houses go for $400k - easily...


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        Heh.. I used to live in Sunnyvale back in the late 70's, early 80's. It was outrageously expensive back then, too.
        I drank WHAT?! - Socrates


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          Sadly, a 2 and 2, 1000 sq ft apartment there in Mt View goes for around $1750/month. I would hope I would get paid according to the cost of living...


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            Your "over 30K" a year may have been too low. At 1750 a month, you're gonna need a lot more than that!
            I drank WHAT?! - Socrates


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              Well I said at least $30k

              I'll probably be thrown to Atlanta or some place like that...

              Unless they pay for us moving there


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                Google is flexible Don't worry about it and in the first official job chat you will be able to present your ideas and requirements; And they will listen to it.


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                  That's awesome! I would love to work for Google, although I wouldn't know what I would do exactly

                  I wonder what was in your resume that had them contacting you

                  MGM out


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                    I dunno... I do have over 8 years of system administration work under my belt - might be one. *shrug*

                    I consider myself a Jane of All Trades... Master of Too Many


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                      I hear it's extremely difficult to get into Google.

                      I saw a special on TV, and one guy applied at Google, and he was asked to come back for an interview before he got the job...He had to go through 14 interviews before he got the job.

                      They weed out all the "bad" people, and stick to the best of the best.
                      Webmaster / Administrator


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                        I think that's what makes them so good. They only hire the best
                        Dean Clatworthy - Web Developer/Designer


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                          It really depends on the function you are going for, ..


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                            Originally posted by Dean C
                            I think that's what makes them so good. They only hire the best
                            I agree. And they're in a position to do so...
                            Best Regards
                            Colin Frei

                            Please don't contact me per PM.


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                              If they find you, isn't that a better sign than just getting a call back when you send them your resume?

                              I would love a job at Google, my family could use the big change. I've already gotten dumped by what I thought was a future employer (after they offered me a job). I'm ready to jump into being middle class (its been a long time since I was in that category).


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