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IPS invented AJAX - or not?

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  • IPS invented AJAX - or not?

    I am just reading the release info of Invision Power Board 2.1 Technology Preview and one thing that strikes me noteworthy is that it appears IPS has invented AJAX. At least according to the "innovative" person who wrote the info:
    • In-line Topic Editing
      An IPS innovation: Edit topics from the forum listing without a need to refresh your page!
    • In-line Post Editing
      An IPS innovation: Edit posts quickly from the topic view page without reloading the topic!
    • Member Name Suggest
      An IPS innovation: When composing a new PM or pruning a forum, enter part of a member's name and IPB will bring up a list of suggested matches, instantly!

    I am impressed... not.

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    Complete bull****, as AJAX was "invented" over 4 years ago already. The term AJAX is new, but the principle has existed for years already. It's only until recent that people have started using it, but the first major implementation of it was Google Suggest (that I can remember). They've had it for a lot longer than IPS.


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      I believe actually had it before google even dreamed of using it... its in the my msn area....

      Edit: nvm I thought it used AJAX.... could've been an older design.... altho idk why they would get rid of it... MacBook Pro 15.4" Core2Duo 2.33GHz.


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        That would surprise me, as Microsoft tends to always be horribly behind on new technologies compared to Google. Gmail > Hotmail in a zillion ways, for instance...


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          ya I think i might have been thinking of a diff site.... but idk.... oh well :P

          anyway IPS is full of CRAP! they from what I remember they didnt invent anything... the closest thing to invention they did was create IPB
 MacBook Pro 15.4" Core2Duo 2.33GHz.


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            They got AJAX into their system....its cool. Its called competition, no need to be rude to anyone it just gets the vB Devs a chance to let some more tricks out of their bags and show who is really being innovative.


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              IPS is not full of crap, you have merely misinterpreted what they have said. No-where have they said they invented Ajax, they just pioneered the use of the technology within the forum market and the new features that Ajax can provide
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                I don't think most people even know what AJAX is. Definition. Basically it's just a method of using a browser's XML cache so less data passes between the user and server.
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                  They didn't invent AJAX, and I don't see anywhere that they claimed that they did. They did, however, start doing things like inline editing of posts, thread titles, and username look ups before vBulletin did.
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                    Microsoft invented what is now known by the cliche term of AJAX when they introduced the XMLHTTPREQUEST object into the javascript model running under Internet Explorer. Since then other browser manufacturers have implemented it in their javascript engines as well.

                    AJAX has nothing to do with forum software except it allows better implementations of common tasks so that they use less resources and allows developers to provide better interfaces.
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                      IPS discussions should be posted on the IPS web site, and vBulletin discussions should be posted on this web site.

                      Thread Closed.


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