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Help maths test tommorow.

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  • Help maths test tommorow.

    Ok I have my G.C.S.E maths comming up soon and I lost some revision notes for maths and I am having a bit of difficulty with some stuff and can someone verify this for me in "pythagoros" which is what I am having difficulty with, ok I know that the basic forumla for pythagoros is (a sqared) + (b squared) =
    (h squared) correct?

    And are these three rules if I am remebering correctly to find the 3rd side of a triangle.

    1. sqaure the other two numbers
    2. Then subtract or add them dependiong on wether or not you want to find the short or long side.
    3. then square the number

    I think that is right this is 100% refreshing my brain and thinking back months.

    Ok anyway I think I have it but not 100% lets say I have a triangle we are given 2 sides lets say 5m and 3m of what I do is

    5 sqaured = 25
    3 squared = 9

    25-9= 16 the sqaure root of 16= 4 the 2rd side of the triangle= 4m.

    Am I doing this right?
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    Yup, you got it.

    (Well, except 3 squared is nine..not 9 squared is 9.)
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      Originally posted by kall
      Yup, you got it.
      Thank you that is good

      Originally posted by kall
      (Well, except 3 squared is nine..not 9 squared is 9.)

      and fixed that concentration lapse.


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        Use the pythagorean theorem:

        a^2 + b^2 = c^2

        It means that one side squared plus one side squared equals the hypotenuse squared. You can also memorize pythagorean triplets such as 3, 4, 5. Basically if the two legs are 3 and 4 the hypotenuse is 5.
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