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    Is anybody else getting spammed by

    How do they know that I'm a member here or over at .org has one of them been hacked, how safe is my account?

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    I have never gotten a single email from them. If they are spamming you, report them to their ISP.
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      Same here.. They spammed my with 2 mails..

      First was:
      Hi All, Just to let you know there is another new board for your hacks and mods.
      It will cover vb mybb yabb etc etc
      Pop over and say hi
      and the second was:
      Hi All

      New board open @
      Irc Efnet ##

      come along and say hi.
      also looking for new staff.
      Both were sent to an address I don't use at this forums.
      That's the end of that!


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        Same mails, strange how they know we have a vb boards


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          you all are probably members of (which is now, as i am.. and thus i received the emails too.
          its a hack/template mod board like, etc thats been around for awhile now

          An Anime and Manga discussion forum.


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            Just checked the site, yes my name is registered there with zero postings, I did not register there and its the first I have heard of them

            One other thing I did notice was the number of members they have with the same amount of posts.....Zero which is strange


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              Funny how they say it covers vB, MyBB, YaBB, etc. and it has vB in the URL and only has vB modfication boards

              MGM out


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                Aren't vB hacks illegal?


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                  Originally posted by VBuIIetin
                  Aren't vB hacks illegal?
                  If it is a case of remote or local hacking other sites it is definetly illegal.


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                    If they are distributing work from others without written permission, yes.

                    If they are the author of the resources they post on their web sites, no.

                    Note in case they read this: Nobody has permission to distribute what I made without my permission, which you just didn't get


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                      Originally posted by Wayne Luke
                      I have never gotten a single email from them. If they are spamming you, report them to their ISP.
                      I just received 2 of their emails, and returned a kind request to explain themselves on how they got my email address and to remove me from their list. Both emails bounced.

                      Therefor I've taken another 5 minutes of my time to contact their hosting provider and data center and report them for unsollicitated emailing.


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                        I got their email twice..


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                          I got these emails too about .... it would appear that the IPs come from three sources:
                          North America
                          Lagos (Nigeria)

                          Check the headers....


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                            news from
                            It has come to my attention that there was spam mail being sent out from the Admin Control Panel. I would like to notify everyone that i have taken care of this situation and de-admined the user who has sent these emails. I can assure you that you will not recive ANY spam mail from these servers ever! And if for some reason you recive any, please notify me ASAP so i my take care of the situation right away.

                            Again I'm deeply sorry if you got any spam mail from If you would like to talk to me in private. Please PM me anytime.



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                              Yarg. Its funny when people give power to the wrong people.


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