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  • Is this possible?

    I post on a vBulletin community (as well as run my own). A user who does not have administrator rights claims to be able to "ping" the forum and knows everyone IPs. Specifically, she says she is using "ping -a". If you want a link to the forum, which is public, I can post it.

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    No, they can't

    They are bsing you

    ping in windows, with -a shows resolves a hostname

    now, if somehow they had access to the server via ssh.

    and they were allowed access to netstat

    then netstat -a could be used agasint you, but thats alot of ifs, assuming you are on a shared server, none of the IP addresses are worth anything.

    What are they going to do, ping them to death?


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      Her sole purpose is to make other users nervous. She arrived on the scene to tell everyone she knows who has multiple usernames. What a freak. She can't ping me to death if I ping her first

      Thanks, Zachery. I figured it was crap.
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        You'd need ALOT of bandwidth and ALOT of computers to ping someone to death, litterly, its a 7 byte packet(not kbyte, not mbyte, byte: so 8 bits or two nibbles).


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          Doh. I was only kidding.


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            Just keeping you informed I am a networking guy


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              She continues to insist she has the ability. I'm going to challenge her to post my IP.


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                I heard you could have information on users if you put an image on a secure server, but without password. Something like: [img][/img]
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                  Ok, so even if that is true the user would have to have access to the server. That isn't the case in this instance.

                  As the thread continues, another user has said that he could cause a fair amount of problems if he knew someone's IP address. What's that about? Maybe he has the bandwidth that Zachery mention and could ping people to death.


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                    More likely the user has the bs that Zachery mentioned and he could bore people to death.


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                      I could cause a ton of damage if i knew someones IP and they were not properly protected, but hacking is a serrious issue.

                      The most someone could do under normal circumstances is maybe ddos them off the earth and even then its a call to the ISP for a new IP address (or reseting your router).


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