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Anyone else get this email?

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  • Anyone else get this email?

    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: zeroforum: enterprise level discussion solutions

    Are you looking for a web discussion solution?

    A web based discussion solution is a sure-fire mechanism to increase the volatility of your web presence by attracting and retaining valuable visitors. The demand message forums has exploded recently, but until now there was no viable solution for webmasters to add a fast and secure forum to their web site.

    ZeroForum is an internet discussion engine. It is an enterprise level solution that is the pinnacle in speed, customization, and reliability. In addition to complete customization and an intuitive interface, ZeroForum offers a web-based Instant messaging system (similar to AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ), Wireless Access (WAP Enabled Phones and Palmtop computers), and a slew of additional features that make ZeroForum the clear winner in the discussion system arena.

    Sound interesting? Visit

    We have provided a fully functional online demo for your perusal. You can test every ZeroForum feature yourself and verify how it can build your online web community.

    Thank you for your time,
    Powering Internet Discussion
    Pretty interesting if you ask me..
    Anyone heard of these guys before?

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    Interesting.. I visited their homepage and proceeded to their demo forum. The admin says this "This forum sucks! Go vB!".


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      Are the nuts!??!?!


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        Well, it seems professional - but the price will get them. Can anyone tell what it is programmed in? It doesn't seem to say.
        Jordan Gadd
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          For some reason I want to say Perl... but not sure..
          It does say it uses a database:

          ZeroForum is an enterprise level web discussion solution. ZeroForum utilizes UNIX servers and a robust and reliable database back end for stability and dependability. ZeroForum can handle an unlimited number of users, topics, and posts. Your site will repond quickly even when populated by hundreds of thousands of messages. In addition, ZeroForum has been implemented with an 'Application Server' architecture. As a result, it can handle even the highest levels of server activity with reliability and speed.


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            Tailoring it for Unix servers might cause a problem. People still use NT...
            Jordan Gadd
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              Its remotely hosted, although they don't make that blatantly obvious. I'd have to say OpenTopic has the upper hand, mainly due to the admin functionality.

              Speed, overall, looks good -- one of their test forums had 200k+ posts and loaded fine.


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                  Yes, but there's no doubt that they'll charge ya an arm and a leg, as well as impose a few "limitations" on the software. Wouldn't surprise me if the source is encoded somehow...

                  Anyways, about the language:

                  I just did a few HEAD requests and was surprised to see Perl come into play.

                  The "sales" server (the one with no forums hosted on it, just the informational pages) is running PHP4, while the forums servers are running mod_perl. Looks like mod_perl can stand up to some heat after all...
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                    Bandwidth is $20 a GIGABYTE???

                    Holy s+++ I don't pay $40 a month for my webhosting, there's no way in hell I'm gonna pay that for 5000 messages and one gigabyte of transfer!


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                      Looks quite neat but still the pricing is out of its mind.


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                        I have to say their benchmarks really suck. Id say misleading at best.
                        Concurrency 1 ? you have to be kidding, try 20 or 30 or 100(yeh unlikely but possible) and see how it goes.

                        Apachebench also sucks - I don't completely trust it - when there is a sql query on a page like "update table set count = count + 1"
                        it gives false results - I tried it on showthread.php - crank up the concurrency a bit and the increase in the thread view is not the same as the reported successful requests by apachebench.

                        I tried this against vbulletin and another unnamed forum software, this was against two different database types, two types of webserver software in two completely different scripting languages and apachebench reported incorrect results on both.

                        The load testers httperf and siege gave me the results I expected. Of course this has nothing to do with the page they tested but it makes me mistrust apachebench.
                        Httperf or siege will give much more realistic tests too. Not just 50 requests one after the other.

                        You need to run tests against multiple pages, doing page views, inserting new threads, replying to a post etc etc with a reasonably high concurrency.


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                          Yes, the benchmarks are way off. Look at the connect times/transfer rates. Its obvious they ran the benchmark script from a local server. Hell, I could run a script on my slow-bandwidth test server with UBB locally and vB remotely, and UBB would probably win only because I'd be requiring vB's 60KB of data to be transferred over the internet, while UBB could be sent over the intranet.

                          Very, very misleading. Who was it again who did those unbiased benchmarks last time?


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                            Chris, we all know you are the one behind ZeroForum
                            Stop trying to mislead us


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                              Impossible... I don't know (and am proud now to) know a line of Perl!


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