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    I won't say why I like PCs better. Mac users never like my reasons, so I just don't give them anymore.


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      Wait... Isn't that the macintosh Logo in your Logo?

      Or did I mix up something?
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        He is a macboy


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          I use a Mac, would not go back to a PeeCee again, Mac are alot better at processing there data, software is great, even microsoft software runs better on a mac, and most agree there. You can run windows on a mac with VPC thou not so fast. Apart from on a G5 mac then its good enough to work on.

          Mac look so much better, which helps :P But its the line of work we do being graphics that mac do stand out for us. Mac just offer everything we need. So easy to set up, There 64 bit processors are fast, and on a G5 dual 2.5 its amazing speed.

          Yes the cost is more, but i am one to say that you do pay for what you get, and its shows on a mac.

          Each to there own thou.


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            I can't agree that Microsofts software runs better on the mac. Theres nothing wrong with the look of windows, hasn't been since Windows 3.1.1 ;p


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              Originally posted by Zachery
              I can't agree that Microsofts software runs better on the mac. Theres nothing wrong with the look of windows, hasn't been since Windows 3.1.1 ;p
              i say it does for sure, i have office on both a windows work computer and my personal 12" powerbook, runs A LOT faster on my powerbook than the ****ty pc


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                Horses for courses
                I wrote ImpEx.

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                  Office 2003 runs blazingly fast on My 2800+ my 1.8ghz P4M and my p4 3.06 as well as my gf's new Celeron D 2.4ghz system

                  I am near positive Office would run slower on my mac mini in comparison.

                  The only macs that I know that have office are here at the school and they are all Imacs and I think Dual G4's or G5's
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                    A speed test showed that with the best Mac and the Best PC, the Mac took longer to do stuff.

                    Like applying a filter in Photoshop, and playing a 3D game.


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                      I would guess even the best G5 system that you could throw at a program. Come along somthing like a dual or Quad Opteron Windows Server platform turned into a workstation would demolish it.


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                        I use a Macintosh. It suits my needs, and I never saw any lack of software available for anything I wanted other than games.

                        Sure, you can build a custom PC... but I don't care enough to spend money custom building a machine that'll run a system I don't prefer.


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                          I do get tired of these discussions/debates, they're all silly. Ultimately, it really won't matter what anyone else says. In reading through this thread, and countless like it, there's really nothing good that comes out of it because it's all about preferences.

                          I prefer my Mac mini, but I will keep my Win2k/RH9 box because even though it's about 4 years old it still runs pretty well, I just probably won't use it as often now that I have OS X. I love OS X, everything about it is in tuned with how I think (except the home/end nonsense and the dumb way Safari handles middle clicking on bookmark menu items). It's very logical to me. To someone else that has different tastes and preferences, they may like something else. Computers are a tool and each has it's own purpose. They're nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.

                          It all comes down to preferences and needs, and that's so subjective it's silly to be arguing over.
                          TheologyWeb. We debate theology. srsly.


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                            I have had my PC for about 2 years. About the end of last year I wiped it clean cause it was so slow. Now its getting slow again. I have unistalled software and did some stuff to make it faster.

                            I dont want to wipe it clean cause I have every thing on this system. I have music and photos. This computer is almost a archive of my internet life! But still I want a Mac. I think in about 9 months i'll buy a Move2Mac license and get a Power Mac.

                            If you like a Mac and have a PC there is a software called Move2Mac that will move over 120 MB of files in 20 minutes. It won't convert to Mac format so you have to sort but its better then losing your 'internet life' archive...


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                              I voted mac because I like the look of Macs better, but I use a PC because more software is made for it But I like the look of Macs better.


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                                to be honest i didnt vote but i do like a PC better than a mac.

                                when i was in school we had pc clases one set of classes used a mac and the other was a regular pc.

                                i hated the mac becaus eit was open apple + someother button to do one thing then the closed apple and another button to something else while on the pc it was a matter of just useing a mouse. that was what seams like a lifetime ago.

                                i still love the pc and don't want to go back to a mack if they stil work they way they did when i was in high school (albiet it was about 14 years ago)


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