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Anyone make a living out of tere forums?

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  • Anyone make a living out of tere forums?

    My dream would be to wake up everyday and walk 5 feet to my computer to go to work, and admin and talk on my forum, and still make decent money.

    My question is does anyone make money out of there forums, if so how and how much? How do you get sponsors and do you charge members and they recieve better privallages in return?

    I would love to make money out of a forum but this happens to very few people. Correct?

    Cheers Adam.
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    Thats about the only one I know of that has made it.


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      A mixture of porn, software and forums makes for a nice income. Best advise, don't put all your eggs into one basket (or site), look for multiple revenue streams that work independently of each other and maximize each one.


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        Originally posted by DanaSoft
        there you go


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          I don't make nearly a living out of my forums but I make enough from Adsense and other ads that I can save up for a new computer, or put more money into the fund, and also they've paid back the expense of both my licenses that I've brought. Its nothing near a living yet, but I will be working on computers for a living one day.. whether it be home or in an office, I'll do it.