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What do you use to backup your website ?

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  • What do you use to backup your website ?


    I have a smallish site - 40K members - 400K posts and about 150MB of files.

    I have grown weary of my current backup solution, and am looking for a better script that will keep incremental backups (daily, weekly, and monthly) with the option (hopefully) of being able to then sftp that backed up file to both my other server, and to my home server (gentoo) automagically.

    Anyone use anything close to this ? If so, what is it ?

    I'm happy to pay for such a script if need be.


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    hold on, but what the hell is my site then if yours is smallish??? i have 225 members and 17,000 posts O_o


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      I just create a cron job to dump the SQL database, zip it up, and delete the original file.
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        Custom shell script, using to deal with remote stuff, now that I think about it I was going to put a Tk front end on it.

        I'm happy to pay for such a script if need be.
        Check , that the place to ask for custom code/scripts.
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          I backup manually:

          mysqldump -uusername -p dbname > backup.txt
          tar -cvf backup.tar backup.txt public_html
          gzip backup.tar


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            I have my whole server backed up daily to another hard drive.

            But then I have my databases backed up nightly, and saved under a non accessible directory on the account, and then I download those.

            But I haven't had any problems with my backup system -- or really problems with any of my forums (no messups, or currupt databases).


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              I use the following

              mysqldump --opt -Q -uusername -p forumdb | gzip > dump.sql.gz


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                mysqlhotcopy is a better option than mysqldump. less chance of corruption, plus it locks the tables.

                I have a 4.1 gb database, and mysqlhotcopy takes about 4 minutes to run.


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                  There is an automated backup via vBulletin's Scheduled Tasks feature over at
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                    We use a custom based shell script to create and manage upto 10 database backups generated nightly and 2 system backups generated weekly. Backups remain on the local server on a second hard drive and on a remote backup system.
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                      hotbackup, then rsync


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