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    I moved out when I was 18 -- the day after my high school graduation. I haven't lived or really been supported from my parents since they.

    But after graduation, I had about $3k - just from graduation presents, and another $2k from what I had saved up (I ran a business for a year and a half before I graduated).

    Sure I ran into my share of problems... After graduation, I moved to Jacksonville, FL (from Michigan), that lasted 5 months, and I was forced to move out... Then I moved to California to stay with friends... that didn't work out - I couldn't stand my friend's a$$hole boyfriend. So I moved back to Michigan. I found an apartment, lived there on my own -- but I met my husband, and the rest is history.


    But everything just depends on the person, and the situation. But make sure you have enough money set aside (not just for an apartment, and some food... but enough for a coushin - just in case stuff doesn't work out).

    Its not easy living on your own - I know from experience.

    But if things aren't right at your parent's house, then save up, and head out.


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      I dont care what people think if I still live at home, I will be here still in my 20's because I am going college and uni.


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        For perspective, I pay 1800 a month for a two bedroom condo I live in with my wife up in Santa Barbara, CA. Considering our place is HUGE (1300 sq feet), and nice with vaulted ceilings, its a good deal. Still crazy expensive. Before this I had a 1 bedroom, 500 sq foot place that was 1050 a month right next to UCSB.

        Renting sucks. I just want to buy a place so I can paint the walls. I HATE white walls.


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          At one point I lived 3 blocks from the airport, that was a 2bedroom place with a rent of 1600 but it had just opened at the time and still had working going on; rent there now is like 1700. When it came time to getting a new place I left Irvine to save money on rent... a 1bedroom at any IAC place starts at about 1250 with most of them running for 1300 or more. The only "cheap" places to live in Irvine (unless you are a student) are next to the college campus in tiny little apartments that are rather run down (by Irvine standards) because the demand is so high.

          Luckily most of the world isn't that pricey
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            Originally posted by Brad.loo
            In April I turn 19 with no escape in sight, I just don't have the funds put back to move out on my own at the moment. I guess I should have planned for this sooner eh? I feel bad begin 18 and still under my parents roof, most of my friends have their own place or are working at it.

            Heh I have a cool dad but its time for me to go. I can't bring a girl home without him hitting on her. And you know women just love guys that live with their parents :ermm:

            So for you ones that have moved on, what age where you when you got your first place? How did you pay for it? And what is the one thing you wish you would have done but did'nt do when you moved out?
            I was 18 when I first moved out. I joined the Army.
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              I'm still at home (24 Yrs old, going to be 25)

              I'd love to be out on my own, but it's just not possible right now.

              least it's cheap. My cable bill is paid for, and i get free food. But it's killer on the umm.. Women.


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                Originally posted by mholtum
                I was 18 when I first moved out. I joined the Army.
                Haha out of the question, I'm trying to avoid that at all costs


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                  Originally posted by Brad.loo
                  Haha out of the question, I'm trying to avoid that at all costs
                  But it is a good option. For some anyways.


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                    *deep, deep, sigh*

                    Today is March 3rd and I'm 23. Tomorrow is March 4th and I'll be 24. I regret to inform you, that I'm still home. There are many reasons for this, but one of them being is I'm trying to help my mother (who is 47 & turning 48 in Oct.). She spent her timing helping & supporting me & my sister growing up, as a single parent. I can't say it was easy for her, cause I'm sure it wasn't.

                    After I moved out, my sister remained and she moved back in & out of my mothers apartment with her two kids (she's just turn 21 on 02/27). Every time she had a a problem, she'd move back in and my mother who made about 17,000 last year, would help support her & her two kids. My sister would always say she would help out, but of course she didn't & today she makes enough money (she's medical aid) that she could help out, but doesn't. Sadly she drained enough cash that not only was my mother evicted from her last place, she had no light, heat, car, tv, ect.... My mother even was good enough to give her the frig when she asked.

                    So today, I'm here now trying to help her & myself. I don't make enough to hold two places at once, so it was either she moved in with me or I moved in with her. Current rent here is 525.00 a month (expected to go up when the lease is due) & I just helped buy a new fig for her (almost 1yr without). Then there are bills and her media bills also (she sees a Doc every two weeks. High blood pressure, yet low iron).

                    All my current other expenses are going into the company I'm working on. With luck, I'll have that going this summer.

                    My advice to you though... Take small steps, think things through, plan ahead, and know (don't just guess or think you know). Simply put, decide where you want to stand and make that stand.


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